• we have warp break for evoltuons.

    like I said, stefilmon -> fury mode -> rasenmon. both dont get listed, otherwise youd have agumon listing greymon, metalgreymon, wargryemon, and omnimon.

    fury/rasen isnt a slide because we havent seen them switching between forms. fury just turns into regular - so thats digivoltion. if fury turned into rasen, then back to fury, then back to rasen etc then itd be slide.

    also you arent even sourcing the correct chapters in the first place.

    stefilmon -> rasenmon is chapter 21 and stefilmon to fury mode is chapter 22. you listed them both a chapter 21, but that is not the case.

    so yes, only fury mode should be listed for stefilmon due to warp break, whilst fury/regular isnt a slide as they didnt mode change multiple changes between those forms. an example would be shinegreymon burst mode, thats not a slide because shinegreymon doesnt casually switch between regular and burst whenever he feels like it.

    the reference book states the regular version is the "true form" (ie, the digivolved form) of fury mode and that it has to be fury mode first before it becomes the normal one. so ye, stefilmon -> rasenmon is technically a warp digivolution as it skips over fury mode.

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    • But it never implies that rasenmon is any stronger than rage mode. Only that it has control of its powers, while rage mode doesn't. Also, I know about the warp gap.

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    • power has nothing to do with it. like how boltboutamon comes from an ultimate+mega, same for milleniummon.

      if we ever see rasenmon himself become fury mode, then we have instances of both rasenmon -> fury mode and fury mode -> rasenmon

      right now we only have fury mode -> rasenmon through its profile, so its only one way. doesnt mean it wouldn't change in the future though.

      the evolution, in the profile, is a permanent evolution of fury mode to rasenmon

      and example that isnt permanent is omnimon zwart where it says its an omnimon temporarily boosted with the black digitron

      also an example i just thought of, apocalymon -> mephistomon. thats a mega digivolving into an ultiamte, so gets weaker.

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