• in terms of "species" name for the justimons, I'm not sure if we'd use the "dub" names, it seems more like they were for the attack names, or the arms themselves rather than the "species", but I suppose the arms are the only thing different.

    still, this is how it's written in hackers memory:

    "By replacing the three plugs in its right shoulder which are located in the extend transmitter on its back, it can switch between a powerful Big Wave Arm, a electric Thunder Arm, and a cutting Cyclonic Arm" (using new dub arm names lol)

    so yeah, it may be better to use the Japanese names for the justimon forms, with the dub names as the attack names? only time it seems to have been dubbed with the name as a species, is as "Justimon: Blitz Arm" in Digimon World Next Order. (which actually gives us the third Justimon name, actually).


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