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They Call Him Starmon
(Hito Yonde Sutāmon)
"Call Me Starmon"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) May 2, 2022
(En:) August 13, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Appmon Academy

Bokomon teaches Ritsu Kodo and the Cypress Village residents about DigiCode, though Pulsemon sleeps through the lesson.

As Pulsemon practices writing its autograph in DigiCode Ritsu asks what Lil Pal is doing. Being called little annoys Pulsemon and it demands that if he is going to give it a nickname to give it a cooler one and hates being called little as it makes it seem like he would prefer it stay as Pulsemon. He eventually calms down and turns it from an insult to instead being that Pulsemon is so cute Ritsu would prefer it that way due to its cuteness. Ritsu is surprised saying something like that doesn't embarrass it and changes the subject, asking again what it was doing. It shows off that it was practicing writing its autograph with it writing "The Strongest" rather than its own name since that's supposedly what people will refer to it as in the future anyway. Ritsu finds that lame, which annoys Pulsemon.

Starmon shows up, sees one of the unused autograph cards, picks it up, and asks if anyone wants its autograph though they decline. Starmon assumes they were just being shy, though becomes annoyed when Pulsemon starts drawing its autograph on its body. Bokomon tells the others that Starmon was a self proclaimed star that boasts about its combat experience to as many people as possible with Starmon disagreeing stating it was not just a star, it was the creator of a universe and they should refer to it as the Big Bang. They ask why Starmon had even come to the village, with it stating it had wanted to get some of the legendary Cypress Meat there as Tanemon had started selling it. Tanemon charges 1000 bits, with Starmon surprised it would have to pay with how big of a celebrity it supposedly is. The group mock and insult Starmon, who asks for a sample to see whether it should buy some and after finding it amazing is insulted when Tanemon tells it what it gave it wasn't actually the same meat as it had instead given it regular meat. Pulsemon and the others laugh at Starmon and call it a loser which annoys it with Pulsemon challenging it to battle. The others tell Pulsemon to stop, as they didn't think they could beat it, but Starmon declares it was too late with Pulsemon able to avoid Starmon's meteor attacks by digivolving its feet into Bulkmon's. Seeing such a thing freaks Starmon out and now super high in the air Pulsemon de-digivolves its legs and changes to digivolving its head and falls onto Starmon, having its giant Bulkmon head collide with it. This was enough for Pulsemon to win, with Tanemon giving Starmon some Cypress Meat to make it feel better. Bokomon looks up the meaning of pal, and seeing it means friend tells Ritsu he should've told him earlier and that is delighted he gets to be Ritsu's "Pal-semon" though upon hearing that decides maybe they should forgoe nicknames as a surprised Pulsemon questions why.

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  • The pal jokes are an untranslatable pun, as the romaji for Pulsemon is Parusumon, which can be written as Palusumon. Palusumon has pal in it, which leads to the jokes of pal being similar to Pulsemon's name.