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The World of Zeroes and Ones
(0 to 1 no Sekai)
"World of 0 and 1"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) June 2, 2023
(En:) November 12, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Pulsemon has just absorbed the electricity from Wizardmon's Thunder Cloud attack, with everyone shocked and/or impressed. Pulsemon boasts it was able to do so due to its training, and digivolves its head to Bulkmon's — which was now also bursting with extra power. Rather than fight Feresmon, it attacks Wizardmon with its powered up Thunder Dread attack able to snap the Wizard out of its brainwashing. The sight confuses Feresmon, bemused by its partially digivolved body, and when Pulsemon tells it about its curse and demands it tell them how to undo said curse it instead easily defeats Pulsemon.

Seeing no way to win, Wizardmon tells Feresmon to free Witchelny but Feresmon instead laughs and tells them that it intends to more than just rule Witchelny — it plans to merge the Digital World and Human World into one. Ritsu Kodo doubts it could do this, since the Human World isn't made of data like the Digital World, but Feresmon tells him that it was possible because the Human World was made up of strings which could be in both an open and closed state. As it explains the concept to Ritsu, Ritsu realizes that the strings would be in the shapes of ones and zeroes which Feresmon states would allow it to use Witchleny's magic to merge the two Worlds together and not just that — it even planned to take over the combined World and rule it. Pulsemon returns to the fight, not wanting Feresmon to achieve its goals, but Feresmon defeats it without effort once again.

Feresmon mocks the group, and asks them if they have the thirst to learn things. Ritsu and Pulsemon say they hate studying but, as Feresmon laughs, Pulsemon states that what matters is the choice to be able to study or not — and that it hates Feresmon for removing that choice for the residents of Witchelny. Feresmon points out they have no way to win, though Ritsu realizes they could probably nullify its armor by using a strong electric attack as the armor was made via the Demon's Shout as the previous Thunder Dread was powerful enough to negate it when it had been brainwashing Wizardmon. Wizardmon's Thunder Cloud had no effect on the armor before, but Wizardmon mentions it could use its Bolt Break attack to do the job. Gatomon refuses to allow it to use the attack though, as doing so would result in Wizardmon's death as its body would not be able to cope with that much electricity surging through it. As Wizardmon charges up Bolt Break, ready to sacrifice its life to stop Feresmon, Ritsu stops Wizardmon and tells it that he has an idea.

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