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The White Bride
(Shiroi Hanayome)
Airdate (Ja:) October 23, 2022
(En:) October 22, 2022 (subbed)
Written by Shinzō Fujita
Directed by Kōhei Hatano
Toei Animation
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Attack of the hungry mushrooms!


Kyoka is getting ready for her wedding when a spore hits arm, causing mushrooms to grow all over her body, and a Chamblemon abducts her, leaving a room full of mold. On a different day, Hiro, Gammamon, Ruli, and Angoramon are helping with Akane's wedding, and are thanked by Chinatsu. Espimon and Angoramon notice a Geremon nearby. The wedding house's owner asks Ruli to model for a wedding dress photoshoot, which she excitedly accepts. At the Hazakura Boys' Dormitory, Kiyoshiro, Jellymon, and Ryudamon deal with not being invited to the wedding, and Jellymon gets angry at Kiyoshiro because she wants to wear a wedding dress.

As Ruli prepares for the photoshoot, she is abducted by a group of Chamblemon after they cause mushrooms to grow in her body, which weaken her. Angoramon hears Ruli's cell phone fall to the ground and realizes she is in danger. Hiro and the Digimon run to her but find the room empty and covered in mold. They learn from Chinatsu about local rumors of brides in wedding dresses disappearing and leaving a room full of mold and how the police is unable to investigate. Hiro reports to Kiyoshiro and the quartet splits in two teams—Hiro and Gammamon, and Angoramon and Espimon—to watch over the other two weddings scheduled for the same day.

Ruli is dropped at the cabin where the Chamblemon keep the captured brides, and watches them harvest the mushrooms growing from their bodies, causing pain to the women. She learns from the Chamblemon they use the brides' emotions to farm the most delicious mushrooms, and has her own mushrooms harvested. At another wedding, Hiro and Gammamon witness the Chamblemon capturing another bride. They try to fight them, but are easily immobilized and captured, also falling victim to the spores. Hiro drops his cell phone in the confusion.

Kiyoshiro calls Angoramon and Espimon and reveals he can't contact Hiro. The two Digimon look for him and find Hiro's cell phone on the ground. Geremon reveals he witnessed the battle and guides them to the Chamblemon's headquarters. Kiyoshiro is a loss of what to do, and Ryudamon remembers the time Gammamon helped him. His determination to save Gammamon causes him to digivolve to Ginryumon, and he transports Kiyoshiro and Jellymon to the scene. Hiro and Gammamon are taken to the same room as Ruli and the brides, but are too weak to react. The Chamblemon realize the mushrooms in Ruli and Hiro's bodies taste better than even the brides' and conclude humans with a Digivice -V- produce the best mushrooms.

Angoramon and Espimon arrive at the cabin, but Geremon leaves before they can thank. Ginryumon, Kiyoshiro, and Jellymon also arrive. The four of them minus Ginryumon enter the cabin to fight the Chamblemon. Kiyoshiro digivoles Jellymon to TeslaJellymon, and the group tries to draw Chamblemon into sunlight in an attempt to weaken them due to mushroom spores' weakness to dry environments. The Chamblemon eat the bigger mushrooms to get stronger and are able to overpower the quartet even in sunlight, infecting them with the spores. Realizing Kiyoshiro has a Digivice -V-, they eat his mushrooms but suddenly get diverse ill effects from this. Out of curiosity, Kiyoshiro eats one of his mushrooms and, feeling power run through him, decides to eat them all. Feeling better, his "limit break" recharges TeslaJellymon and causes her to digivolve to Thetismon, who easily defeats the Chamblemon.

Thetismon heals the brides, and Kyoka thanks her. The tied-up Chamblemon swear revenge on Kiyoshiro. A terrible smell fills the air and a group of Geremon arrives to abduct the Chamblemon to use them to farm mushrooms, and promises to the group they won't attack humans anymore. Hiro reminisces on how there's still much to learn about Digimon. Ruli poses for the wedding dress photoshoot and is joined by Jellymon, who is also wearing a wedding dress.

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Other
  • Birds (16)

Hiro's Digimon Study Files[]

Champion Bomb
Hiro: "Chamblemon"
Angoramon: "Don't be tricked by their pretty colors and cute appearance. Their spores will make energy-draining mushrooms grow all over your body."
Ruli: "In a certain forest, mushrooms were growing in a human shape. They were the type that grow from the nutrients of dead animals. When they dug, they found..."
Kiyoshiro: "Keep that story buried!"


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Ryudamon 1 Ginryumon
Ryudamon b Arrow R Ginryumon b

Jellymon 2 TeslaJellymon 3 Thetismon 4 Jellymon
Jellymon b Arrow R TeslaJellymon b Arrow R Thetismon b Arrow RR Red Jellymon b


"S-So rude! How dare you criticize my mushrooms!"

Kiyoshiro after his mushrooms are criticized.

"Eating your mushroom was a mistake!"
"We'll get you back!"

—The Chamblemon swear revenge on Kiyoshiro.

"There's no telling how people are brought together. One being as excellent as the other."

Angoramon's haiku for the episode.

Other Notes[]

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