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List of Digimon Dreamers chapters 9
The Wandering Tamer
(Tabi suru Teimā)
"Traveling Tamer"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) June 3, 2022
(En:) August 20, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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When Ritsu Kodo is summoned to the Digital World one day, the Cypress Village residents express excitement at the fact a human was visiting them. Ritsu tells them they don't need to be surprised since he shows up all the time only for him to be shocked when they all run passed him and to a different human, Joe Wakamiya. A large amount of the residents jumping on him in excitement. Joe was surprised to see a Human living in a village with Digimon, whilst Pulsemon was surprised that other humans exist. Joe tells them that he travels the Digital World looking for the door to the S Dimension so that he can find his brother, with Pulsemon surprised at the fact he spends all his time in the Digital World. As Joe tells them about some of his journeys in the Digital World Pulsemon asks him if he knows of a way to reverse the curse of Cypress Village, which had him realize why there are so many weak Digimon in the village. Pulsemon boasts that he can digivolve parts of his body, with Joe thinking he's just joking though is proven wrong when Pulsemon digivolves his head into Bulkmon's. Figuring he had no idea how to reverse it, they decide he had been lying about his experiences and his goals at which point multiple Kuwagamon show up and attack the village. Joe tells them they were actually here as hired assassins to stop him getting to the S Dimension and tells an excited Pulsemon to let him deal with them as they're his enemies not theirs. He pulls out a shell and blows on it to summon his partner, Wingdramon, with Pulsemon and a forced Ritsu joining Joe on its back. Wingdramon then defeats the Kuwagamon. Pulsemon asks if they can go with Joe, though he tells them it's his adventure and he can't pull others into it and that they should go onto an adventure of their own instead. Pulsemon then declares it will train hard so it can go on an adventure with Ritsu.

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Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate

Other notes[]

Continuity errors

  • In the English translation, Ritsu Kodo refers to Pulsemon as "Pul" in this chapter instead of "Pal". Both are translations of "パル".