Eri gets food advice from a gourmet Appmon.

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The Ultimate Restaurant Report! Dining App Perorimon!
(Saikou no Gurume Repōto! Gurume Apuri Perorimon!)
"The Finest Gourmet Report! Gourmet App Perorimon!"
Airdate (Ja:) November 5, 2016
Toei Animation
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On November 5, Haru and Gatchmon watch a live airing of Eri's new television segment and her first solo appearance, where she performs a food review. Unfortunately, she abysmally fails and performs badly in front of the camera. She is depressed afterward, but her manager cheers her up and tells her look up Perorimon's dining app for inspiration. Later that day, Eri and Dokamon meet Haru and Gatchmon at Kashinoki Books to do more research, to the fanboy Watson's awe. Eri informs them of her manager's recommendation, and upon a Gatchmon search later, they discover that Perorimon is an Appmon. Perorimon, who has been secretly watching, emerges and meets them. Eri demands that Perorimon teach her how to do food reviews, which Perorimon accepts. Eri, Dokamon, and Perorimon return to her home, where Perorimon forcibly uses Eri's App Drive to obtain an Appmon Chip and makes an Apprealize a condition for his help. Eri makes him takoyaki with the intent of using Perorimon's skills to make her TV segment a success. Unfortunately, her takoyaki are unpalatable, and Perorimon gives her a devastating review without taking a single bite. He tells her his history, where he obtained his knowledge via consuming food review data and then using that to predict the review with high accuracy upon viewing a photo. Perorimon then leaves in disagreement. Upon acknowledging her own cooking failure, Eri decides to go back to the basics and read Perorimon's reviews only to discover that the reviews are being deleted. Haru calls Eri to inform her on the city-wide data loss occurring, leading Eri to suspect Perorimon and his history of eating data.

Heading out into the city, Eri, Haru, Dokamon, and Gatchmon discover a trash-filled AR-Field inhabited by the true culprit, an L-Virus-infected Gomimon who is consuming and deleting all the data it can. Perorimon was beaten up in an attempt to retrieve his review data. Gomimon proceeds to trash that data in front of their eyes, triggering Eri, Dokamon, and Perorimon's anger. Dokamon suggests an Applink, to which Perorimon agrees. They link, only to appfuse into Dosukomon. Gatchmon attempts to search for a weakness, but Dosukomon defeats and purifies Gomimon with one blow. The purification reveals that Gomimon is a 7code Appmon; Eri hands Gomimon's chip to Haru afterward as he is excited about it while she is not. Afterward, Perorimon returns with Eri. This time, he eats her takoyaki, though they are as bad as he expected.

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Appmon Searches

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Appmon Data Lab


Dokamon 1 Dosukomon 2 Dokamon
Dokamon t Arrow R.png Dosukomon t Arrow R Red.png Dokamon t
(w/ Perorimon)
Perorimon 1 Dosukomon 2 Perorimon
Perorimon t Arrow R.png Dosukomon t Arrow R Red.png Perorimon t
(w/ Dokamon)


Other Notes

Animation errors

  • During scenes when Dokamon turned his back and cried, his toes appear to be sinking under the floor.

Miscellaneous trivia

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