It is revealed that BanchoLeomon is actually Spencer Damon.

What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?

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The Truth About BanchoLeomon!
""Impact! The Truth About Bantyo Leomon""
Airdate (Ja:) March 11, 2007
(En:) October 25, 2008
Toei Animation
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BanchoLeomon reveals that he is in fact Spencer Damon. Marcus reacts with skepticism, and BanchoLeomon tells of how Spencer and BanchoLeomon met while Spencer was searching for King Drasil. The result was a fight between the two that ended in a draw. As a result, BanchoLeomon befriended Spencer and joined him on his search for King Drasil. After wandering for a long time, they came across Craniamon, who states that he cannot allow them to see King Drasil. He then insults Spencer, causing BanchoLeomon to intervene. Spencer Burst Digivolves BanchoLeomon, who defeats Craniamon. King Drasil then reveals himself, and they are able to meet. Unfortunately, at the same time Kurata launched his first attack against the Digital World. Spencer persuades King Drasil to forgive the attack, staking his life against such a thing ever occurring again, while BanchoLeomon vouches for him. However, when Kurata attacks for the second time and kills Merukimon, King Drasil orders Spencer to be executed. When he hears that his son Marcus was in the Digital World Spencer pleads to be allowed to find his son, but BanchoLeomon reminds him of his promise. As the Royal Knights are about to kill Spencer, BanchoLeomon leaps up and punches Spencer, leaving a mortal wound. He then asks King Drasil to spare the rest of humanity out of respect for Spencer's dream of peace between humans and digimon. When they are alone, BanchoLeomon takes Spencer's spirit into his body, but is caught by King Drasil, who possesses Spencer's body to use as a puppet. Furthermore, he declares that if BanchoLeomon ever reveals that Spencer's spirit resides in him, he will destroy Spencer's body forever. The Data Squad realizes that King Drasil was trying to view humanity through the eyes of a human, although the idea was completely flawed. King Drasil then rises out of the rubble and declares that all humans must be eliminated. He attacks, and BanchoLeomon grasps him, thus preventing him from causing further damage. He then reveals that he intends to make King Drasil keep his promise about destroying Spencer's body and orders Marcus to destroy them both. After much hesitation, Marcus evolves Agumon into ShineGreymon, who apparently destroys both King Drasil and BanchoLeomon.

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BanchoLeomon 1 BanchoLeomon Burst Mode
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Agumon 2 ShineGreymon
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Other Notes

Continuity errors

  • In the English dub, BanchoLeomon mentions an event that happened on Marcus' sixth birthday to prove that he is Spencer. However, the trip to the Digital World that Specner disappeared on was repeatedly mentioned to have been 10 years prior. Given that Marcus is 14, that means he would have been 4 when he last saw his father.