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The Terrifying Demon's Shout
(Kyōfu no Dēmonzu Shauto)
"Terrifying Demon's Shout"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) April 4, 2023
(En:) October 29, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Ritsu Kodo cheers, having seen the powered up Pulsemon defeat Devimon. Wizardmon is then proven right, as Pulsemon collapses due to the its body being unable to handle the enhancements. It begs for food, with it regaining its energy after eating. It asks where Devimon went, with Wizardmon realizing it had escaped into the castle whilst they were fussing over Pulsemon. As they look at the door, it opens, with Wizardmon figuring Feresmon was taunting them — telling them to come fight it.

Devimon returns to Feresmon, with Feresmon upset that it would dare return to it with its tail tucked between its legs. Ashamed at Devimon for losing, it uses its Demon Shout technique and has Devimon kill itself with Ritsu and the others arriving just in time to see it happen. Pulsemon tells Feresmon to return magic to Witchelny but it refuses since ruling the World was easier with the Witchelny residents unable to use magic. Pulsemon tries to fight but is unable to digivolve its arm into Bulkmon's, with Wizardmon telling it that it hadn't fully recovered from the previous battle. Wizardmon decides it would fight instead but is unable to avoid the Demon Shout technique whilst in the middle of a jumping attack. The technique fails, however, with Wizardmon's attack causing large amounts of damage to the surprised Feresmon. It then laughs and tells Feresmon it had already told it that it would be unable to use the technique on it a second time.

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