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The Targeted Kingdom
(Nerawareta Ōkoku)
Airdate (Ja:) July 12, 2020
(En:) July 11, 2020 (subbed)
Toei Animation
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Tai's party comes across an orchard and meets a mysterious girl, Mimi. Tai and his friends find out that a kingdom is targeted by some ferocious Digimon.


Having successfully escaped their searchers, the DigiDestined begin their search for the sea. Their quest in interrupted by the growling of their stomachs. Their noses lead them to fruit trees, but Mimi Tachikawa ensnares them before they can eat any, accusing them of being fruit thieves. Mimi and Palmon lead them back to Mimi's Kingdom, a village of Tanemon that Mimi rules over as their queen and protector. After confirming that they aren't with the Tuskmon who have been raiding their fruits, they explain what led up to their presence. Mimi reveals that she too has a Digivice:, marking her as a fellow DigiDestined. Rather than focus on the quest to find the Holy Digimon, Mimi instead prefers to focus on protecting her kingdom. They are interrupted by a message from Izzy and Kabuterimon, who are continuing their journey to the Digital World. Izzy makes them aware of a time dilation effect between the Digital World and the Human World that works in their favor, as time moves faster in the Digital World, so they have more time to save Tokyo than they thought. Izzy forwards them a news video about the worsening blackout, with Tachikawa Heavy Industries aiding the affected. The sight of Genichiro Tachikawa, her grandfather and the chairman of Tachikawa Heavy Industries, doing whatever he can to help Tokyo tugs at Mimi, but her promise to protect the Tanemon also weighs on her. Tai and the others decide to help Mimi upon seeing her sincere desire to help the Tanemon.

Meanwhile, Ogremon enslaves the Tuskmon using the Soundbirdmon to search for the DigiDestined. They assault the village but are worn down by the planning and tactics of the defenders. Tai and Greymon deal with the Tuskmon who evade the initial traps in a narrow corridor that acts as a chokepoint, while Sora and Birdramon take care of the aerial threat posed by Coredramon (Blue). Unfortunately, this leaves Mimi and Palmon unprotected against Ogremon, who enslaves a Drimogemon and uses its underground digging skills to bypass all of the defenses. Palmon rescues Mimi but is heavily wounded in the resulting battle. Mimi refuses to leave Palmon's side, in return for the kindness Palmon showed her when she first ended up in the Digital World, lost and alone. Their bond sparks Mimi's Digivice: to activate, allowing Palmon to digivolve to Togemon. As Togemon deals with Drimogemon, Greymon and Birdramon rescue Mimi by fending off Ogremon, who retains a singular focus on the DigiDestined. Drimogemon is defeated, while Ogremon flees with one of his horns broken. With the fruit thieves driven off and the Tanemon swearing to protect themselves now, Mimi and Palmon leave the village to travel with the other DigiDestined.

Featured Characters

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Humans In-Training Rookie Champion


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Agumon 1 Greymon 4 Agumon
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Biyomon 2 Birdramon 4 Biyomon
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Palmon 3 Togemon Palmon
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Other notes

Digimon references

  • Palmon digivolved to Togemon for the first time in the sixth episode, just like the Palmon of Digimon Adventure did.
  • Mimi is treated like a queen by Palmon and Tanemon, similarly to how the Mimi of Digimon Adventure was treated like a princess in "Princess Karaoke".
  • In her focus episode featuring her first Digivolution to the Champion level, Palmon protects a village of Tanemon, the same species as her pre-evolution. In Digimon Adventure, Biyomon did the same to a village of Yokomon in "Biyomon Gets Firepower".