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"The Swiss Family Digimon"
強いだけじゃだめなのよ! 美しき闘士シューツモン
(Tsuyoi Dakeja Damenanoyo! Utsukushiki Toushi Shutumon)
"Strength Does Not Matter! The Beautiful Warrior, Shutumon"
Airdate (Ja:) July 28, 2002
(En:) November 20, 2002
Written by (En:) Seth Walther
Toei Animation
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The warriors are diverted in pursuing the Toucanmon when they decide to help a group of Gomamon, prevented from returning to their home due to whirlpools at the only entrance.


While the DigiDestined search for them, the Toucanmon become depressed that Ranamon turned ugly when she beast spirit evolved. They attempt to throw away the D-Tectors but then decide to sell them for money to other fans of Ranamon. As they fly to a nearby island, they are spotted by the children, and Takuya and Zoe chase after them until they are stopped by several Gomamon. They tell them that the water is dangerous because of whirlpools surrounding the Goma Island; they know this because they once lived there until Cherubimon began to destroy the world and have been separated from their home and friends ever since. The group initially decides to find a flying digimon to take them over to the island, but Zoe is moved by how sad the Gomamon seem and convinces her friends to help them. They build a raft and begin to approach the whirlpools, but Ranamon appears.

Zoe spirit evolves to hold her off while the others look for a way past the whirlpools. The two briefly fight, but Ranamon shoots down Kazemon, and she falls into a whirlpool. Just as she is beginning to lose hope, however, she finds she can breathe and a clam shell opens to reveal her beast spirit. She beast spirit evolves to Zephyrmon and begins to battle Ranamon again. Ranamon slide evolves to Calmaramon and gains the upper hand, but the boys call her ugly names and distract her, allowing Zephyrmon to defeat her. Calmaramon again attempts to use her Titanic Tempest, but just as before, she loses control and flies away. With Zoe's beast spirit now retrieved, the whirlpools have disappeared and the group is able to go to the island and the Gomamon are reunited with their friends. Unfortunately, they learn that the Toucanmon have already left for the Autumn Leaf Fair on another continent.

Featured Characters

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Humans Rookie Armor Hybrid

Digimon Analyzer

Bokomon: "Gomamon are cute and curious, but if you get them mad, they won't hesitate to attack. Then again, what does around here?"


Calmaramon 1 Ranamon 5 Calmaramon
Calmaramon t.gif Ranamon t.gif Calmaramon t.gif
H Spirit of Water.jpg B Spirit of Water.jpg
Zoe Orimoto 2 Kazemon 3 Zoe Orimoto 4 Zephyrmon 6 Zoe Orimoto
Zoe Orimoto t.gif Kazemon t.gif Zoe Orimoto t.gif Zephyrmon t.gif Zoe Orimoto t.gif
H Spirit of Wind.jpg B Spirit of Wind.jpg


Other Notes

Animation errors

  • When J.P. is tearfully calling out Zoe's name and Koji is holding him back, Koji's eyes are colored brown instead of the normal blue.
  • When Calmaramon emerges from the water, after being knocked down by Zephyrmon's Hurricane Gale, she is not wearing her right glove.

Dubbing changes

  • Calmaramon's two training scenes are combined into one, which is placed after the explanation of the Gomamon's situation.

Real-world references

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