Season 4, Episode 16: "The Swiss Family Digimon" Original Air Date: November 20, 2002 English Version Written by: Seth Walther Episode transcribed by: Patamon_Princess

[At the beach, the DigiDestined search for the Toucanmon, who have stolen the boy's D-Tector's]

TAKUYA: Toucanmon! Come out, come out wherever you are! Come out already! Pretty please? Oh. Ah, who are we kidding? We couldn't find them if they came up and bit us on the nose.

[A crab scuttles over and clamps onto J.P.'s rear end.]

J.P.: Aaah!


[Zoe looks into a barrel of water and sees her reflection.]

ZOE: Hmm? *giggle*

[J.P. runs down the beach with Tommy close behind.]

J.P.: Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!

ZOE: Where could they be?

[Neemon pulls on Bokomon's waistband.]

NEEMON: Toucanmon!

BOKOMON: They're not in my pants, dorkus! You're going to be in big trouble if the egg got cold.

NEEMON: You know, you really are a good mommy.

BOKOMON: Thanks, I-- oh hush.

[On another part of the island, the four Toucanmon sit in a circle with the D-Tector's and their Ranamon fans and buttons in the middle.]

TOUCANMON 1: How could we make such a mistake?

TOUCANMON 2: Us? How can she turn into that? Our sweet little Ranamon.

TOUCANMON 4: Our cute little Ranamon.

TOUCANMON 2: Yeah, We nab those D-Tector's and how do we get paid back? Hugs? Kisses? Invites to slumber parties? No. She pays us back by turning into that hideous thing.


TOUCANMON 1: So what should we do with these?

TOUCANMON 2: Let 'em rot. Even if Ranamon would give us a date for them, who would want to date that?

TOUCANMON 4: She's probably out there laughing at all of us.

TOUCANMON 1: I hate these things!

TOUCANMON 2: And I hate Ranamon!

TOUCANMON 4: And I hate everything!

[They throw the D-Tector's into the ocean, but the other Toucanmon flies out and catches them. He then flies back and crashes into the other three]

TOUCANMON 1: I think my beak's broke.

TOUCANMON 2: What were you doing?

TOUCANMON 3: I had an idea.

TOUCANMON 1: Not again.

TOUCANMON 3: Ranamon has lots of other fans. We can sell these.

TOUCANMON 1: Good idea.

TOUCANMON 2: Yeah, let's go.

ALL 4 TOUCANMON: Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

[Back at the beach]

TAKUYA: It's no use. We'll never find them.

TOMMY: J.P., how's your, uh, you know.

J.P.: I don't want to talk about it.

CRAB: *snicker*

[Takuya flops down on a bench]

TAKUYA: Let's just take a break for awhile.

J.P.: Oh.

ZOE: Huh? Hey, don't worry about it. I bet you'll find your D-Tector real soon.

J.P.: Huh? What were you saying, Z?

ZOE: J.P., weren't you thinking about your D-Tector?

J.P.: Oh. Uh, well, I was wondering if you'd be like that.

ZOE: Huh? Be like what?

J.P.: Like Calmaramon.

[Takuya sits up.]

TAKUYA: Huh? Calmaramon? Where?

J.P.: I was just wondering if you'd be scary like that, you know. Like, when you got your beast spirit and all that.


[They imagine sweet Kazemon turning scary.]

ZOE: Stop that! I can't believe you guys would think something like that! I'm nothing like her!

NEEMON: Of course!

ZOE: Hey, say that like you mean it!

[She snaps Neemon's waist band]

TAKUYA: He's not saying you're evil or anything, just that beast spirits are hard to control. BOKOMON: Yes, remember what happened with Takuya?

ZOE: I'll always be a cool and beautiful girl Digimon. That I know.

TOMMY: But how?

ZOE: Hmph! 'Cause I'm a girl! And girls know when to handle power when they need to!

TOMMY & J.P.: Aahh!!

NEEMON: Scary!

ZOE: Knock it off! Having power does not make you scary!

TAKUYA: Geez, you sure? Huh?

[He looks up and sees the Toucanmon flying away.]

TAKUYA: Hey, it's the Toucanmon!

TOMMY: Where are they going?

[Up on the sky, the Toucanmon are flying slowly.]

TOUCANMON 1: What's the matter?

TOUCANMON 2: We're exhausted.

TOUCANMON 1: You weaklings. How can you be tired already? We just took off for pete's sake. Bunch of lame bird brains.

TOUCANMON 4: Don't be so quick to point feathers, you're breathing heavy too!

TOUCANMON 1: I'm just copying you guys so you don't feel so bad. I could keep this flapping up all day. Since you're tired, we'll land.

[Nearby is another island.]

TOUCANMON 1: Oh, thank heaves. I mean, you guys are lucky it's close. Now stay close. I don't want to have to go looking all over the island for you guys after we land. Why am I still talking?

TOMMY: Look, they're landing over there!

TAKUYA: Right! Don't let them get away! We can swim there!

ZOE: I'll race you there!

[The two of them run into the water]

TAKUYA: Tommy, you guys wait here! Ah!

[Takuya falls into the water.]

ZOE: Takuya?

[He comes up sputtering. Looking down he sees a Digimon holding his foot. The Digimon pokes his head out the water to look at them.]

DIGIMON: *giggle*

TAKUYA: What the heck is that?

DIGIMON: That Gomamon.

TAKUYA: Well, whoever you are, let go of my foot, okay?

GOMAMON: Sorry, but we had to stop you guys.

[More Gomamon poke their heads out of the water.

GOMAMON CLAN: Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!

TAKUYA: Yeah, hi. What are these things anyway?

BOKOMON: Gomamon are cute and curious. but if you get them mad they won't hesitate to attack. Then again what does around here?

ZOE: How cute!

J.P.: Yeah, girls are tough.

[In the lair of the evil legendary warriors, Calmaramon stands in the center room]

CALMARAMON: Well, well, look at me! I'm the belle of the beast spirit ball! *laughs* There's nothing that can stand in my beautiful way now. Wait 'till Mercurymon gets a load of- huh? Ahh!

[She suddenly loses control of her spirit, spins around, and crashes to the ground.]

CALMARAMON: Oh, my. All this beauty sure is painful.

[Mercurymon enters the chamber.]

MERCURYMON: Thou art a full power-house, Calmaramon. 'Tis awe inspiring how thou can knock thyself to the ground.


MERCURYMON: Yes, thou beast spirit shall simply go to waste if thou can not control it. Ah!

[Calmaramon makes a swipe at him.]

MERCURYMON: Tread carefully.

CALMARAMON: Sorry, sugar. I guess my beast spirit has a mind of its own. Look, don't get your drawers all in a bunch, I'm practicing with it. Soon I'll be unbeatable. *laughs*

[She suddenly loses control again.]

MERCURYMON: Thou hath better master it, before thou destroys us all!

[Back at the beach, the kids are on the sand talking to the Gomamon, some of which are still in the water.]

GOMAMON: We wouldn't be very good friends if we let you go out there. The water looks so cuddly and inviting, but really it's very dangerous.

TAKUYA: Um, what do you mean by dangerous exactly?

GOMAMON: Just look. All that foam by the island is caused by a whole bunch of whirlpools.

TAKUYA: Whirlpools?

GOMAMON: Don't worry, we're safe here. But if you get too close they'll suck you in and never spit you out. And even if you could get past them, you'd be slammed up against the cliffs that surround the only beach you can land on. We know all about it because we used to live there.

TAKUYA: So, is there some kind of secret way yo get there or something?

GOMAMON: No, I wish there were.

ZOE: You can't get home?

GOMAMON: That's right. Everything used to be so wonderful there. Then one day, when we went out to play and get some food there was a big earthquake. That's when the whirlpools started. We were cut off from our island and we haven't been able to get home since.

BOKOMON: I'd be willing to guess that the earthquake's happened when the destruction of the Digital World began. Oh, it seems there's no one Cherubimon's evil touch hasn't hurt.

KOJI: So, you're saying there's no way to get across huh?

J.P.: Maybe we'll be able to find some kind of flying Digimon who will take us over to the island.

TAKUYA: Hey, good idea.

GOMAMON: Well of course, that should totally work.

TAKUYA: Thanks for your help, you guys, you really saved our necks.

GOMAMON: No problem.

J.P.: We'd better hurry before the Toucanmon take off again.

ZOE: Oh.

J.P.: What's up? You okay?

GOMAMON: *sigh*

ZOE: Hmm. Why don't you all come with us. I mean, don't you want to get back home?

GOMAMON: Oh, don't worry about us. We'll be just fine. If we swim close up to the whirlpools, we can catch a really good view of our friends on the other side.

GOMAMON 2: You bet! We'll get along just fine!

ZOE: Come on!


ZOE: Are you trying to tell me you're not even a little sad, watching all your friends from afar, not even being able to talk to them? Well, I don't buy it! Everyone gets sad without their friends!

GOMAMON: Yeah, we just try to ignore that, 'cause otherwise we get all depressed.

ZOE: Listen, guys. I think I have a quick and simple solution to your problem. You're all going to come with us.

BOKOMON: Although I appreciate the sentiment, don't you think it might be a tad dangerous?

ZOE: Come on, guys. We have to try.

KOJI: We can't even help ourselves. I mean, we don't even have our D-Tector's anymore. Why good are we?

ZOE: Oh. That's a great excuse if you want to give up, but I'm not going to. Sure it's tough. But I believe we can do whatever we put our minds to. Come on, guys. 0Let's get you back to your friends, okay?

GOMAMON: After that speech, I don't think we could say no even if we wanted to.

ZOE: I hope it works. If it doesn't we'll make it work. Huh?

[Takuya and Koji walk up and stand on either side of her.]

TAKUYA: Zoe's right. We can help each other our. We'll make it together.

KOJI: Even without our D-Tector's, there's plenty we can do as a team.

ZOE: You mean it? Really?

TOMMY: I can't swim too well and I'm afraid of water, but count me in.

J.P.: Hey, finding flying Digimon is too much work anyway.

BOKOMON: It's decided then. Finally.

ZOE: Guys...

TAKUYA: Don't start crying, 'cause you know Tommy will just start crying.

J.P.: Yeah, and I will if he doesn't.

ZOE: *laughs* Awesome. Let's get to work everybody!


[Takuya carries two more logs over to where they're building the raft.]

TAKUYA: Two more logs, ready to go.

[Koji chops at a palm tree.]

KOJI: Heave away!

[Tommy, Bokomon and some Gomamon help pull the tree down as Zoe takes down a large thick canvas curtain.]

ZOE: There.

[Tommy and Bokomon walk by carrying the newly felled tree.]

TOMMY & BOKOMON: Heave, ho! Heave, ho!

[Takuya carries another tree over, but stops when he sees J.P. kneeling on the sand.]

TAKUYA: J.P. what are you doing?

J.P.: To make a good boat you need a good plan.

[Takuya puts the tree down and walks over.]

TAKUYA: What have you got?

[He looks at an elaborate sketch of a eight oared boat.]

TAKUYA: Great, J.P., that should only take a few years to build.

J.P.: It's just like building a model ship, only bigger.

TAKUYA: (sarcastic) Yeah, right.

[Back at the lair, Calmaramon stands up triumphantly.]

CALMARAMON: *laughs* Success! At last, I have mastered my beast spirit.

MERCURYMON: *groan* And only destroyed half the lair.

CALMARAMON: If I can do that to rock, think what I could do to those kids.

MERCURYMON: Thou maketh a good point. Now thou hath better make good with a broom.

CALMARAMON: Hmph. Slide...

RANAMON: Evolution. Be careful. Or you'll find out up close what I can do, sugar.

[At the beach, the raft is done and in the water]

NEEMON: That was hard.

J.P.: You didn't do anything.

NEEMON: Oh, yeah.

TAKUYA: Here we go!

[The wind catches the sail and they head out towards the island. The Gomamon are swimming beside the raft.]

TOMMY: Uh, can we knock rock the boat so much?

J.P.: I can't believe you built this without even looking at my plan.

ZOE: This is great.

TAKUYA: Yeah, I'll say.

J.P.: But what about my plan?

ALL: J.P.!

J.P.: What?

[Soon, though, then approach the whirlpools.]


ZOE: So much for fun.

KOJI: The Gomamon sure weren't kidding, huh?


J.P.: They said it was bad, not horrible.

BOKOMON: There must be something at the bottom of the sea that's causing all this.

TAKUYA: Well, maybe we can find it and fix it.

ALL: Oh! Ah! Tidal wave!

[A tidal wave washes over them. The raft pops up with everyone still on it, but Ranamon is also there, standing on a tower of water.]

RANAMON: Hi, there, kiddie-pie!

J.P.: Oh, man.

TAKUYA: Great, now what do we do?

RANAMON: Well, if y'all have any last wishes, now would be the perfect time to make the,, don't you think?

ZOE: Mmm.

J.P.: Don't do it, Zoe. Don't you remember, you were no match for her last time.

ZOE: For pete's sake, am I the only one here with even a pinch of optimism?

J.P.: But, Zoe...

ZOE: Don't 'But, Zoe' me, just find a way to stop those whirlpools while I take care of her. Hope this works. Execute! Spirit Evolution!

KAZEMON: Hi-ya! Kazemon!

RANAMON: My, you're quite a little glutton for punishment aren't you?

KAZEMON: Let's kick-start this fight! Hah! Hah!

[She deals some swift kicks Ranamon's way, but is cut off by some more water towers.]

KAZEMON: Hurricane Wind!

[Ranamon calls up another towers of water to block the attack.]

RANAMON: Honey, I could do this all day. But I'll take pity on you and destroy you now.

[A black cloud forms above Kazemon.]

RANAMON: Draining Rain!

KAZEMON: Aaaahhh!

[The acid rain falls on Kazemon, causing her to fall into a whirlpool.]

TAKUYA: Zoe, no!

J.P.: Zoe!

[Under the water, Kazemon sinks towards the ocean floor.]

KAZEMON: No, it can't happen.

ZOE: I have to protect the others.

[She opens her eyes and sees millions of lights around her.]

ZOE: Oh. This is impossible. I can breathe. Huh? I got hit so hard I'm seeing stars.

[A huge clam shell sits on the ocean floor. It opens up and reveals a spirit]

ZOE: So beautiful. It's my beast spirit. Mmm.

J.P.: Zoe, come back!

KOJI: No, J.P.!


BOKOMON: It can't be.

RANAMON: What a bother. And here I thought I'd get a chance to test out my beast spirit. It's really unfair.

TAKUYA: You're toast, lady!

RANAMON: Thanks, but I already had my breakfast. Hey, maybe I can test out my beast spirit on y'all.

TOMMY: Takuya, look! The whirlpool's going away!

[Sure enough, the whirlpools disappear and the sea is calm again.]

RANAMON: It what? Now how in the world did that happen? Huh?

[A tower of water breaks past the surface, knocking Ranamon aside.]

RANAMON: What's going on?!

BOKOMON: Oh, my. Could it be?

[The water flume disappears, revealing Zoe.]

TAKUYA: It could!

J.P.: It's Zoe!


ZOE: Yes, I'm back. And I brought a little friend. Execute! Beast Spirit Evolution!

ZEPHYRMON: Zephyrmon!

TAKUYA: Who is that?

BOKOMON: That is Zephyrmon. Behold the legendary warrior of wind.

RANAMON: Oh, my. Why?! You're pretty! Your beast spirit made you pretty! Mmm. Well, of course it's not like you're prettier than me, I mean, that's not even possible. But just because you are prettier than me doesn't mean anything, you got it? Do you have adoring fans all over the world who worship you? I don't think so.

ZEPHYRMON: You know something, for a legendary of water, you sure give off a lot of hot air.

RANAMON: Grr. That does it. You're going down, sugar. Now, how should I defeat you? Hmm. Oh! Dark Vapor!

[A dark haze surrounds Zephyrmon.]

RANAMON: You're in for it now, girlie, that haze will melt anything. Have your feathers started molting yet? Wait a minute! How come you're not molting?! Oh.

ZEPHYRMON: I think it's time you learned a little respect. Plasma Pods!

[Zephyrmon breaks through the flume of water Ranamon's standing on, causing her to fall into the ocean.]


TOMMY: Oh, great!

KOJI: I'll say!

TAKUYA: She's controlling her spirit!

TOMMY: She's amazing, isn't she, J.P.? J.P.?

J.P.: Oh-howdy!

RANAMON: Right, that's it. No more pussy-footing around. Ranamon...

CALMARAMON: ...Slide Evolution! Calmaramon! *laughs* Let the party begin!

J.P.: Zoe, get away!

CALMARAMON: You won't be so pretty when I'm through with you, sweetheart! *laughs* Acid Ink!

[Zephyrmon dodges the attack, which hits a cliff, melting part of it away.]

CALMARAMON: That's what'll happen to your friends. Ready, boys?


[Zephyrmon flies between Calmaramon and the raft and blocks the acid attack. But a spot hits her left wing.]


CALMARAMON: What's the matter little girl, did I burn you all up?

[She continues to attack Zephyrmon, but the attacks are blocked.]

CALMARAMON: You're pretty good. *laughs*

[Calmaramon manages to wrap one of her tentacles around Zephyrmon.]

TAKUYA: That witch!

TOMMY: It's awful. We can't do anything.


KOJI: Stop it! Let her go, you scum queen!

J.P.: Yeah, you ugly fish-head!

CALMARAMON: What?! What did you say?

J.P.: Uh?

KOJI: You heard him! If we call her names and distract her, maybe Zephyrmon can escape.

TAKUYA: Okay. Hey, you slimy seed-less wonder!

TOMMY: You weed killer!

BOYS: *calling Calmaramon names*

CALMARAMON: Can it! Oh! You are so dead!

[Her hold loosens and Zephyrmon escapes.]

ZEPHYRMON: Hurricane Gale!

[Calmaramon falls to into the ocean.]

BOYS: Yay! Whoo-hoo!

ZEPHYRMON: That's for picking on my friends.

TAKUYA: And go tell your friends there'll be more of that is they mess with us.

[Calmaramon pulls herself up, but she her 'make-up' has run over her face.]

CALMARAMON: Now you're gonna pay!

BOYS: Aaahh!!

TOMMY: That's the scariest thing yet!

CALMARAMON: Be quiet. You brats are in for a heaping helping of pain. Titanic Tempest! *laughs* Huh? Aaahh!

[Calmaramon looses control of her spirit and is spun around above them.]

ZEPHYRMON: Ooh, I am going to enjoy this.

CALMARAMON: Aaahh! I let you off easy this tiiiiimmeee! Aaah!

[Calmaramon disappears into the distance.]

J.P.: What was that?

ZEPHYRMON: I guess someone can't control her beast spirit yet. Now let's get everybody back to that island.

[On the beach, the Gomamon are happily reuniting with their friends.]

NEEMON: They sure are happy.

BOKOMON: And it's all thanks to you, Zoe. If you didn't have the courage to stand up the Ranamon, none of this would be possible.

ZOE: Thanks.

BOKOMON: My pleasure.

TAKUYA: Hey, Zoe, how were you able to control your beast spirit so fast?

ZOE: Well, just luck I guess.

TOMMY: Not 'cause you're a girl?

ZOE: Well, maybe. But I won't tell. A girl has to have secrets.

TAKUYA: You feel as sick as I do right now?

TOMMY: No, I'm sicker.

ZOE: Guys...

NEEMON: Me too!

ZOE: Knock it off!

GOMAMON: We just want to that you all. If it weren't for you we'd never see our friends again.

TAKUYA: You should be thanking Zoe.

KOJI: Yeah, she's the one who did everything.

[Zoe hugs both of them.]

ZOE: Aw! You guys helped me more than you know.

TAKUYA: Uh, ha, ha... ha... ha...

KOJI: *blush* Cut it out.

TOMMY: Hey, what about us?

J.P.: Where's ours, huh?

ZOE: Okay.

[Zoe hugs Tommy and J.P.]

KOJI: You guys see the Toucanmon?

GOMAMON 3: They're gone.

ALL: Huh?

GOMAMON 3: They all left for the Autumn Leaf Fair.

TAKUYA :The what?

BOKOMON: It's a trader's market on the continent north of here.

TAKUYA: Then let's go.

ZOE: But how?

J.P.: Oh, why is nothing ever easy?

RIKA THE NARRATOR: And it's a safe bet that it's just going to get harder, guys. The find out what's going on there, tune into the next Digimon: Digital Monsters.