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The Steel-Solid Super Evolution
(Kōtetsu no Chōshinka)
Airdate (Ja:) August 9, 2020
(En:) August 8, 2020 (subbed)
Toei Animation
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The battle between Greymon and Ogremon ended abruptly and now the DigiDestined discuss their next move. Tai and Agumon take a chance to defeat the ultimate enemy, so that the others can safely head to their next destination.


The DigiDestined hide after their confrontation with MetalTyrannomon, allowing the injured Agumon to recuperate as they analyze the battle with MetalTyrannomon. Reflecting on the recent battle, Tai and Matt have a disagreement over what happened, particularly Greymon's duel with Ogremon and Ogremon's resulting actions. Matt advocates a more coldly logical approach to disbelieve Ogremon as a tainted source, while Tai rebuts with the emotional connection he and Greymon formed with Ogremon to take him at his word. Their argument is broken by Agumon finally awakening.

As they plan their next steps, Izzy displays a map of their surroundings that he pilfered from the fortress as well as locations of other possible bases. The path that Ogremon opened for them leads straight to one, which they speculate to the headquarters where the Holy Digimon are being held. Izzy also forwards Tai combat data on MetalTyrannomon. Tai and Agumon divert their enemies' attention as the rest of the DigiDestined head toward the presumed headquarters. Unfortunately, they are blocked by a sea of miasma that dissolves things that pass through it; MetalTyrannomon breathes the same miasma and is immune.

Meanwhile, Tai's and Greymon's battle against MetalTyrannomon is not going well. They attempt to exploit and opening in which MetalTyrannomon's attacks have a delay when it switches weapons, but it is not enough to do damage. The pair refuses to give up, and their devotion eventually allows Greymon to digivolve to MetalGreymon. MetalGreymon is able to defeat MetalTyrannomon, but the miasma proves to be an impassable obstacle. The DigiDestined decide to split into two groups to handle the situation, with one heading to the left and one to the right of the miasma.

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Digimon Encyclopedia

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Mega Flame
Greymon. This Digimon evolves from Agumon. With an armor-like skin covering the head, Greymon has a combative look!

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