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The Shut-In Tamer Ritsu
(Indoa Teimā Ritsu)
"Indoor Tamer Ritsu"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) November 4, 2021
(En:) July 2, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Ritsu Kodo is once against summoned to the Digital World, though rather than help Pulsemon train he instead relaxes at Burgermon's restaurant with some of the Cypress Village residents. Pulsemon shows up and yells at Ritsu for not helping him to become the strongest Digimon ever and tells him that they're going to going to go train at an active volcano — though Ritsu declares he has no intention of going to a volcano and would prefer to stay at the restaurant. He even gives Pulsemon his phone and tells him to live stream the training so he could see it that way though Pulsemon instead ties Ritsu up and forces him to go to the volcano with him.

Now untied, Ritsu watches on in fear as Pulsemon dodges fiery rocks shot out by the volcano. He tells Pulsemon he has no advice for him, with Pulsemon using the rope to tie a protesting Ritsu to his back figuring that if he dodged the rocks with Ritsu on his back their hearts would become one and he would be able to digivolve. In the middle of doing so, Pulsemon stops and declares he's hungry — leading Ritsu to freak out since the rocks were still hurtling at them.

As Pulsemon eats, with Ritsu now free once again, a Vegiemon is drawn to the food's smell which worries Bokomon as Vegiemon is a Champion level Digimon. Pulsemon finds the situation perfect, since defeating a Champion would be worth lots of experience with that declaration angering Vegiemon as it states a Rookie would be unable to defeat it. Pulsemon insists it will be able to win as its partner will be cheering it on and begins to charge into battle, only for Ritsu to grab its tail and stop it. Pulsemon is confused but then watches as one of the fiery rocks hits Vegiemon, setting it on fire. Pulsemon celebrates winning — though Patamon points out it didn't gain any experience as it didn't actually defeat Vegiemon. Bokomon notes that it was a valuable battle, as they found out that Ritsu was a master of checking his surroundings which will help him to become a master Tamer.

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