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The Rise of RizeGreymon!
マサル新たなる力 進化!ライズグレイモン
(Masaru Aratanaru Chikara—Shinka! RaizuGureimon)
"Masaru's New Power—Evolution! RizeGreymon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Studiopolis
Airdate (Ja:) July 2, 2006
(En:) December 17, 2007
Toei Animation
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When Merukimon appears, Marcus tries to punch him, but he cannot reach him. As Merukimon blows him away, GeoGreymon tries a Mega Burst, but the attack does no damage to Merukimon, who then reverts GeoGreymon, Gaogamon and Sunflowmon back to their Rookie level forms. Just as he is about to destroy them, Biyomon sacrifices himself to save Kristy as Merukimon reverts him to a Digi-Egg. Merukimon and Falcomon then return to the digital world after successfully retrieving the egg.

Back at DATS HQ, Marcus argues against everyone that they should go after Merukimon rather than sitting around doing nothing. The team begins to think that it was Merukimon that lowered the barrier between the Digital and Human worlds. Kristy then arrives and says that humans and digimon should not fight, but live as friends. The director of DATS, Director Hashima, then arrives and says that if the DATS team cannot do more, he will shut down the DATS program, much to the annoyance of Marcus and the dismay of Yoshi and Lalamon. Back at Merukimon's lair, the Digi-Egg of Biyomon hatches and immediately is reborn as Biyomon who, as he retains memories from his previous life, immediately begins searching for Kristy. Merukimon casts an energy wave on Biyomon, which forces him into digivolving into Aquilamon. Now having been digivolved into a Champion-level forcefully, Aquilamon quickly flies for the human world.

Aquilamon is quickly spotted by a news crew and is put onto the news quickly. Kristy sees Aquilamon, knowing that it must be Biyomon, and rushes to go and find him. The DATS team arrives on a motorboat to try to fight him, but Marcus soon discovers that Aquilamon is actually Biyomon. Aquilamon soon defeats the DATS team, and they are washed up on shore. While searching for Kristy, Aquilamon causes major destruction, so Agumon digivolves to battle him. However, Aquilamon, after taking GeoGreymon's Mega Burst, digivolves into Ultimate, becoming Garudamon. Kristy arrives to try to talk Garudamon out of fighting, but Garudamon, confused, launches a Wing Blade at her. GeoGreymon takes the hit and falls unconscious to the amazing amount of power dealt in the attack.

When Marcus realizes that there is nothing he can do at his current strength, he comes to the conclusion that he needs to become stronger. He is then surrounded by his D.N.A., brought up to a new stage of power by his resolve, and even DATS HQ picks up the sudden surge, giving Commander Sampson and Kudamon an assumption that GeoGreymon is digivolving. Using his newly-invoked D.N.A., Marcus has GeoGreymon do just that, becoming RizeGreymon. RizeGreymon uses his Trident Revolver to defeat Garudamon and reverts him back to a Digi-Egg; only this time, all of Biyomon's memories are gone completely. After the battle, Marcus gives the egg of Biyomon back to Kristy and vows to always protect her. The DATS team then plan to head off to the Digital World to meet with Merukimon, but Commander Sampson explains that he has something to say regarding Marcus' father.

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega

Digimon Analyser[]

Megumi: "Aquilamon—Champion level. A speedy Digimon with a special attack mode called "Blast Laser", which he uses with dangerous accuracy!"
Miki: "It's Garudamon, an Ultimate-level, incredibly powerful Digimon. His special attack mode is the dangerous "Wing Blade"!"

Megumi: "RizeGreymon—an Ultimate-level Digimon with lightning-fast speed. His special attack move is the "Trident Revolver"!"


GeoGreymon 1 Agumon 9 GeoGreymon 11 RizeGreymon 13 Agumon
GeoGreymon b Arrow R Red Agumon (2006 anime) b Arrow R GeoGreymon b Arrow R RizeGreymon b Arrow RR Red Agumon (2006 anime) b
Gaogamon 2 Gaomon 7 Gaogamon 13 Gaomon
Gaogamon b Arrow R Red Gaomon b Arrow R Gaogamon b Arrow R Red Gaomon b
Sunflowmon 2 Lalamon 7 Sunflowmon 13 Lalamon
Sunflowmon b Arrow R Red Lalamon b Arrow R Sunflowmon b Arrow R Red Lalamon b
Biyomon 4 Digi-Egg 5 Biyomon 6 Aquilamon 10 Garudamon 12 Digi-Egg
Biyomon b Arrow RR Red Digi-EggPuwamon Arrow RR Biyomon b Arrow R Aquilamon b Arrow R Garudamon b Arrow RR Red Digi-EggPuwamon


"Well you might not listen to those around you, but it looks like you finally listened to your own heart. I guess I gave you some pretty good advice after all, didn't I?"

Homer Yushima is pleased Marcus has learned a valuable lesson in using D.N.A.

"GeoGreymon, digivolve to...RizeGreymon!"


Other Notes[]

Animation errors

  • In the English version, the flashback to Falcomon's use of "Ninja Blade" from the previous episode --link-- is left unedited.-->
  • When GeoGreymon digivolves to RizeGreymon, Marcus's Digivice displays "PERFECT EVOLUTION", the Japanese term for the process.-->

Dubbing changes

  • The English version replaces the original sound effects for RizeGreymon's "Trident Revolver", which resembled muted artillery shellings, to sci-fi laser blasts.

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