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The Power of The Burst Mode!
バーストモード 究極を超える力
(Bāsuto Mōdo—Kyūkyoku o Koeru Chikara)
"Burst Mode—A Power Exceeding the Ultimate"
Airdate (Ja:) January 7, 2007
(En:) July 28, 2008
Toei Animation
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To everyone's shock, Kurata is well alive within Belphemon (Rage Mode), who proceeds to show his utter contempt for Marcus, Spencer and the entire Damon family. Marcus calls Kurata lame and pathetic, who then in complete fury, has the demon lord absorb all the electricity of the city, vowing to destroy Marcus. He then swallows the space-oscillation bombs to open a space rift. Thomas alerts everyone that Kurata intends to blow up both the human and digital worlds.

Everything seems hopeless for the DATS, but Marcus' words rekindle their spirits, that regardless of being human or Digimon everybody present is the DATS team who fight to protect their loved ones. The team then attacks with all they've got but even ShineGreymon's Glorious Burst, which is stronger than ever, is unable to put down Belphemon. Belphemon knocks each of the DATS Digimon aside and fires an attack at Marcus which he is shielded from by MirageGaogamon, Ravemon and Rosemon but who are ultimately blown back (BishopChessmon and RookChessmon were reverted to their rookie forms of Pawnchessmon respectively).

Seeing his Digimon friends protecting him, he becomes determined to defeat Kurata and Belphemon, once and for all. This determination dawns upon Marcus and ShineGreymon the miraculous digivolution of Burst Mode. They manage to destroy Belphemon, ignoring Kurata's pleas for mercy. However Kurata sets off an explosion and opens the digital gate even larger. He apparently sets the gate too wide and blows himself up. The Digital World and the Human World are starting to collide.

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Ultimate Mega

Digimon Analyser

This episode features no analyser


Agumon 1 ShineGreymon 4 ShineGreymon Burst Mode
Agumon (2006 anime) t Arrow RR.png ShineGreymon t Arrow R.png M9 ShineGreymon Burst Mode
RookChessmon 2 PawnChessmon
RookChessmon (Black) t Arrow RR Red.png PawnChessmon (Black) t
BishopChessmon 3 PawnChessmon
BishopChessmon (White) t Arrow RR Red.png PawnChessmon (White) t


"Real power is in your heart, and backed by an unwavering courage!"

BanchoLeomon watches Koromon's miraculous digivolution into Agumon.

"You've done it, Marcus Damon—and you too, ShineGreymon. By combining the intensity of your emotions and your everlasting friendship with each other, you've been able to push past the Mega level into new, uncharted areas of power. This is what...the true Burst Mode looks like!"

BanchoLeomon congratulates Marcus and ShineGreymon on reaching Burst Mode.

Kurata: "No, please! Take pity on me, Marcus!"
Marcus: "Pity's all I have for you...KURATA!"

—Kurata's last desperate attempt to save himself from Marcus earns him a punch to the face.

Other Notes

Dubbing changes

  • In a shot of Marcus punching Kurata's face, the section between Marcus' fist and Kurata's face is covered with a disintegration effect in the English dub.
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