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"The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined"
(Saigo no Āmā Shinka)
"The Last Armor Evolution"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) March 18, 2001
(En:) May 19, 2001
Written by (Ja:) Atsushi Maekawa
(En:) Alan Smith
Directed by (Ja:) Atsutoshi Umezawa
Chief Anim.
Yoshihiro Takeda
Art Yukiko Iijima
Toei Animation
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The DigiDestined fall victim to MaloMyotismon's illusions, though Davis, free from any insecurities, guides them out, and they soon learn to harness the true power of the alternate dimension.


DA02 ep49 recap

Episode recap for The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined.


Exveemon charges against MaloMyotismon with full strength, but is easily stopped by the evil Digimon. Believing that Exveemon is no match for him, T.K. begs Davis to stop attacking. However, Davis replies to T.K. that his heart believes in Exveemon's strength, and they will fight to the bitter end no matter what. Resonating with Davis' willpower and trust, Exveemon announces that with his partner by his side, he shall never give up and launches another attack at MaloMyotismon, this time dealing a considerable blow, and follows up with V-Laser. Angered that he is damaged by a mere Champion Level Digimon, MaloMyotismon reveals his Phantom Illusion attack and blasts it against Exveemon and the DigiDestined, blinding them with a nefarious light. This causes each of the DigiDestined to be thrown into a mental illusion of their greatest desires:

T.K. wakes up in what appears to be his house, having a meal together with Matt and both of his parents as if they had never divorced and are still part of the same family. Yolei wakes up in a similar way, but with her mom bringing her a mountain of desserts, all for herself only. Cody wakes up in the world where his father is still alive and he is showing him the beauty of the Digital World, while Kari wakes up in the world of a utopia between human and Digimon, showing a child how to raise a Nyaromon to Salamon.

As T.K. continues to converse with his family, Patamon appears by his side and reveals to T.K. that everything he had seen was nothing but illusion, breaking him from it and causing T.K. to be angry for being deceived by MaloMyotismon. Suddenly, Davis appears and tears apart the illusion's remains. Happy to see his rival and friend once again, Davis asks T.K. for his help to save everyone together, in which T.K. agrees, now appearing back in his winter attire.

Meanwhile, Hawkmon appears in Yolei's illusion and asks her if being the only child is what she truly wanted. This causes Yolei to realize that even though she may want to be the only child sometime, she loves her siblings more and would miss life without them, and thanks Hawkmon for reminding her, causing him to blush. At the same time, ExVeemon breaks through the illusion and asks Yolei for her strength, which she agrees to, also reverting back to her winter attire.

Cody is enjoying time with his father before Armadillomon appears to reveal the deception to him. Although he is happy to be with his father again, Cody realizes, with Hiroki's support, that Davis and his friends need him more, and breaks out of the illusion. Flamedramon appears to guide him out, and back in his winter attire, Cody agrees to take the fight back to MaloMyotismon.

Kari continues enjoying the utopia of Digimon and humans co-existing until Gatomon appears to convince her she's been duped, and it is all an illusion. Convinced of the deception by MaloMyotismon, Kari is furious before Raidramon appears to tell her alongside Gatomon that Davis needs her support. Gatomon also declares that her days of serving Myotismon are over and her loyalty is to Kari now. Back in her winter attire, Kari agrees to aid Davis against her hated foe.

Ken, however, is thrown into an illusion of watching himself, as the Digimon Emperor, being tortured by all the Digimon he had ever enslaved with the Dark Rings and Dark Spirals while tied to a stake and helpless, until the combined attacks are enough to cause his body to disintegrate, deleted as payback for all the pain and suffering he put the Digimon through. Sam then appears to offer Ken to join him to help him, when Wormmon appears to console him and assure him Sam was never there and it was all an illusion. Ken accepts what he had done and how he was a better person now, putting his sins behind him, and breaks out of the illusion to rejoin Davis and the others.

Once everyone has broken free of the illusions they were put in by MaloMyotismon, they are surprised to find Davis attacking MaloMyotismon with not just Exveemon, but also his Armor Digivolution forms of Raidramon and Flamedramon as well. When Davis explains how he did it, one by one, the other DigiDestined pray to their D-3's for strength, and their Digimon also are able to summon all their Digivolutions as well, be it natural or Armor. The DNA Digivolutions are then summoned, followed by Paildramon becoming Imperialdramon in both modes, and the combined attack from so many Digimon results in MaloMyotismon being blown clean out of the dream dimension and into the Digital World.

As the DigiDestined pursue him, they emerge into the Digital World in their Digital World clothing instead of their winter attire, and all the Digivolutions with them vanish except for Silphymon, Shakkoumon, and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. However, MaloMyotismon is far from finished as he intends to still become supreme ruler of both Earth and the Digital World, and the DigiDestined can't stop him from attaining his ultimate triumph...

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Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Angemon 1 Patamon 7 Angemon 19 Shakkoumon
Angemon b Arrow R Red Patamon b Arrow R Angemon b Arrow R Shakkoumon b
(w/ Ankylomon)
Aquilamon 2 Hawkmon 10 Aquilamon 21 Silphymon
Aquilamon b Arrow R Red Hawkmon b Arrow R Aquilamon b Arrow R Silphymon b
(w/ Gatomon)
Ankylomon 3 Armadillomon 13 Ankylomon 19 Shakkoumon
Ankylomon b Arrow R Red Armadillomon b Arrow R Ankylomon b Arrow R Shakkoumon b
(w/ Angemon)
Veemon 4 Flamedramon
Veemon b Arrow R Flamedramon b
DigiEgg of Courage b
Veemon 5 Raidramon
Veemon b Arrow R Raidramon b
DigiEgg of Friendship b
Stingmon 6 Wormmon 18 Stingmon 23 Paildramon (25) Imperialdramon Dragon Mode (26) Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
Stingmon b Arrow R Red Wormmon b Arrow R Stingmon b Arrow R Paildramon b Arrow R Imperialdramon Dragon Mode b Arrow R Blue Imperialdramon Fighter Mode b
(w/ ExVeemon)
Patamon 7 Pegasusmon
Patamon b Arrow R Pegasusmon b
DigiEgg of Hope b
Patamon 7 Angemon 7 MagnaAngemon
Patamon b Arrow R Angemon b Arrow R MagnaAngemon b
Hawkmon 10 Halsemon
Hawkmon b Arrow R Halsemon b
DigiEgg of Love b
Hawkmon 10 Shurimon
Hawkmon b Arrow R Shurimon b
DigiEgg of Sincerity b
Armadillomon 13 Digmon
Armadillomon b Arrow R Digmon b
DigiEgg of Knowledge b
Armadillomon 13 Submarimon
Armadillomon b Arrow R Submarimon b
DigiEgg of Reliability b
Gatomon 16 Angewomon
Gatomon (Ringless) t Arrow R Angewomon b
Gatomon 16 Nefertimon
Gatomon (Ringless) t Arrow R Nefertimon b
DigiEgg of Light b
Gatomon 21 Silphymon
Gatomon (Ringless) t Arrow R Silphymon b
(w/ Aquilamon)
ExVeemon 23 Paildramon 25 Imperialdramon Dragon Mode 26 Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
ExVeemon b Arrow R Paildramon b Arrow R Imperialdramon Dragon Mode b Arrow R Blue Imperialdramon Fighter Mode b
(w/ Stingmon)


Davis: "No, I'll never retreat! Not as long as there's a fighting chance! I've never quit before and I'm not going to start now! As long as ExVeemon is willing to fight, I'm backing him."
ExVeemon: "I'll never give up, Davis! Ah!"

—No trust is comparable to Davis and ExVeemon's.

Davis: "There you are, dude."
T.K.: "Davis?"
Davis: "So are you ready to help me?"
T.K.: "Mmmm-hmmm"

—Davis and T.K. finally reach their mutual understanding.

Ken: "Check it out, Davis. They really hurt him! But how did ExVeemon split into his three Digivolutions? It doesn't make sense, not even for this crazy place."
Davis: "It was really weird. I was wishing that ExVeemon could get stronger and it just happened."
Ken: "Huh?"
Davis: "MaloMyotismon was making my blood boil so I wished ExVeemon was strong enough to stop him, then there were three of them."
Cody: "How is that possible?"
T.K.: "Somehow in this weird dimension emotions become reality. Davis must have tapped into something. Are you ready, Patamon?"
Patamon: "You bet!"

—The DigiDestined find their trump card to fight back.

T.K.: "I don't want the powers of Darkness to hurt any of my friends!"
Patamon: "Patamon Armor Digivolve to..."
Angemon: "Angemon Digivolve to..."
Patamon: "Patamon Digivolve to..."
Pegasusmon: "Pegasusmon Galloping Hope!"
MagnaAngemon "MagnaAngemon!"
Angemon: "Angemon!"

—T.K. acknowledges his resolution.

Yolei: "Hawkmon, are you ready for some action?"
Hawkmon: "Indubitably!"
Yolei: "We are strong. We are strong. We are strong!"
Hawkmon: "Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to..."
Hawkmon: "Hawkmon Digivolve to..."
Hawkmon: "Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to..."
Shurimon: "Shurimon the Samurai of Sincerity!"
Aquilamon "Aquilamon!"
Halsemon: "Halsemon the Wings of Love!"

—Yolei, believing in everyone's strength.

Cody: "Ready to join the party?"
Armadillomon: "That’s a great idea!"
Cody: "I want MaloMyotismon to be stopped before he can hurt anymore Digimon!"
Armadillomon: "Armadillomon Armor Digivolve to..."
Armadillomon: "Armadillomon Digivolve to..."
Armadillomon: "Armadillomon Armor Digivolve to..."
Submarimon: "Submarimon Reliable Guardian of the Seas!"
Ankylomon "Ankylomon!"
Digmon: "Digmon the Drill of Knowledge!"

—Cody doesn't want everyone else to suffer as the poor Arukenimon and Mummymon.

Kari: "It’s our turn!"
Gatomon: "It’ll be my pleasure!"
Kari: "The future of both worlds depends on us. MaloMyotismon must be stopped!"
Gatomon: "Gatomon Digivolve to..."
Gatomon: "Gatomon Armor Digivolve to..."
Nefertimon: "Nefertimon the Angel of Light!"
Angewomon "Angewomon!"

—For the future to come, they must never give up.

Ken: "Are you ready pal?"
Wormmon: "I'm ready! Let's do it! Wormmon Digivolve to..."
Stingmon: "Stingmon!"

—Ken, never alone again with his friends by his side.

MaloMyotismon: "I must admit, I'm impressed with your tenacity."
Davis: "Wait till you see my bullheadedness."
MaloMyotismon: "I'm curious to know why my mind illusion was ineffective against you. How can it be that you have no insecurities or unhappiness for it to feed off of?"
Davis: "What do I have to worry about? I've got my friends, my family, the Digimon. Besides some guy with a letter-opener on his face trying to kill me, I'm happy to say I don't have any problems."

—Surprisingly, it seems like Davis has inner peace.

MaloMyotismon: "Impossible! There's not a single child in the world that doesn't have something they're worried about!"
Davis: "Well, ya just met one! Congratulations, big and ugly! I guess you should go back to your magic act! Now if we're through chit-chatting, I'd like to get back to the part where we put you away! I'm sick of monsters like you always trying to take over the world. It's over. We're not going to let you hurt anymore people!"

—Davis has clearly had enough of MaloMyotismon's world domination scheme and selfish desire.

Other notes[]

Animation errors

  • At the beginning of T.K.'s illusion, his right arm passes through the kitchen wall when he arrives.
  • When T.K.'s illusion starts to fade away, Patamon's arms are colored orange instead of light yellow.
  • When the group break free from MaloMyotismon's illusion, Raidramon's mask is colored blue instead of black.
  • When ExVeemon, Flamedramon and Raidramon charge to attack MaloMyotismon, the yellow marking on top of Raidramon's mask is colored silver instead.
  • Just after MaloMyotismon is hit by Digmon and Submarimon's attacks, his yellow eyes become orange at the shot's end.
  • When Ankylomon hits MaloMyotismon with his Tail Hammer, the gold section on Ankylomon's tail is the same gray color as his hammer.
  • In a panning shot of MaloMyotismon surrounded by all the Digimon, ExVeemon's hands have five fingers instead of three.

Dubbing changes

  • In Ken's illusion, several shots of the Digimon Emperor being struck by the Digimon's attacks are removed from the English dub.
  • The original version features three insert songs for evolutions, the first being Break Up!, followed by Beat Hit, and finally the series opening theme Target ~Akai Shougeki~.
  • In the English dub, after digivolving, Pegasusmon says "Galloping Hope" instead of "Flying Hope".
  • In the English dub, Hawkmon and Yolei mistakenly comment on her "brothers", rather than on her "brother".
  • While still remaining in some of the dialogues, the emphasis in the power of darkness is toned down in the English Dub, with T.K., Cody, and Davis' motivations against MaloMyotismon being changed to stopping him from hurting any more people, Digimon and human alike.
  • At the end of the Japanese episode and during the next and last episode preview, T.K.'s narration starts referring to himself in the first person.

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Veemon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Patamon and Gatomon announce the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • The DigiDestined's illusions reflect the things that they wish for:
    • T.K. wishes that his whole family were together again.
    • Kari wishes for a world of peace where humans and Digimon live in harmony, which eventually comes to fruition.
    • Yolei wishes she was an only child, so she could get all the attention (and dessert).
    • Cody wishes his father were alive so he could show him the Digital World.
    • Ken wishes he could find absolution for the death of his brother, and for his evil deeds as the Digimon Emperor, which eventually comes to fruition.
    • Davis only wishes that MaloMyotismon could be defeated, which eventually comes to fruition.
  • During Gatomon's Digivolution sequence, she says "digivolve to" before "Armor Digivolve to" but Nefertimon announces her name before Angewomon does.
  • This episode features every digivolution that is available to the younger DigiDestined at this point in the series. This therefore excludes Magnamon, Seraphymon [sic], and Magnadramon.
  • When voicing Imperialdramon, Paul St. Peter and Derek Stephen Prince will sometimes speak together as one voice, and at other times speak individually.[1]
  • MagnaAngemon is the only Digimon to not attack MaloMyotismon with the others.

Notes and references[]

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