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The Holy Digimon
(Seinaru Dejimon)
Airdate (Ja:) July 5, 2020
(En:) July 4, 2020 (subbed)
Toei Animation
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Tai and the others reach a place that looks like a temple in front of a mountain. They come to face the secret of the Digital World and the reason why they have been summoned there.


Tai, Agumon, Sora, and Biyomon approach a monolith in the temple. Upon touching it, a white feather shines and connects them to Izzy and Tentomon with the image of Varodurumon. Varodurumon speaks as the remnants of an ancient order who watched over all of the virtue in the world. They explain that the temple was the last stronghold in a war against evil. The war ravaged them, and though the light eventually won over the darkness, it was not without cost. The only survivors appear to be six Digi-Eggs, three of whom are implied to be Agumon, Biyomon, and Tentomon. Varodurumon continues by explaining that they believed that evil will be reborn into the future and placed their trust in something new: DigiDestined, humans who would work with the reborn souls of the warriors and allow them to surpass their limits. Varodurumon warns them about the danger inherent in the Network, where their eyes cannot reach, and its ability to affect the Human World.

As they speak, however, Tylomon attack Whamon, and Dokugumon attack the temple, with the temple attack overseen by Ogremon who is riding a Blue Coredramon. Varodurumon's power protects the DigiDestined, and Varodurumon directs them to cross to sea to the Cloud Continent to find the Holy Digimon who fight among the warriors. Before they can finish, the Dokugumon manage to do enough damage to dispel the manifestation and trap the DigiDestined in a web. Eventually, they decide to use Birdramon's power to escape the web, and then use Greymon to break the encirclement. Ogremon calls a swarm of Green Coredramon to search for them, leading the four to instead hide.

Izzy and Tentomon emerge from Whamon and allow it to flee, as the Tylomon ultimately have no interest in it. In his attempts to search for the Tylomon's patterns, Izzy discovers Soundbirdmon, who they believe to be controlling the Tylomon. The Tylomon close in on the pair, and Tentomon refuses to leave Izzy behind despite Izzy's pleas. Tentomon attempts to fend off the Tylomon and, when Izzy is in grave danger, digivolves to Kabuterimon. Kabuterimon is able to target Soundbirdmon and destroy it, setting free the Tylomon who do not continue the battle. Other Soundbirdmon, observing them, then leave unnoticed.

Izzy informs Tai and the others about Soundbirdmon, leading Biyomon to believe that she saw them as well. Izzy and Kabuterimon continue on their way to the Digital World, while Devimon relays orders to Ogremon to continue its search for the DigiDestined. The remnants of Varodurumon finally pass. Palmon observes the commotion from a large distance and reports to Mimi Tachikawa.

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