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BATTLE10: The Girl Norn!
(Shoujo Norun!)
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Watching the Commandment's Commandramon kill their weakest by flinging him into the Firewall which protects System World, Norn is surprised when Shou and Peckmon return, bringing MegaKabuterimon's horn as loot, just as Tsurugi and co. reach the decimated North Forest, where a KoKabuterimon tells them what happened. MegaKabuterimon was fighting Peckmon and winning, revealing he held the Insect/Plant (ムシ・クサキ Mushi/Kusaki?) Digimemory. In response, Peckmon digivolves to Crowmon and kills MegaKabuterimon. After leaving most of their accumulated friends at North Forest, the Tamers continue on in silence and realize that they need to be Ultimate level as well, as they've never gone up against another Illegal-type Ultimate before. Meanwhile, Shou has to return to the Real World to recover, and his mom worries for him. He then reveals he has a picture of all the Tamers and Norn together from three years ago.

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