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The Digimon Kendo Match! Kotemon's Blade Draws Near!!
(Dejimon Kendō Shōbu! Kotemon no Yaiba ga Semaru!!)
Airdate (Ja) November 6, 2011
(En:) December 17, 2011 (subbed)
Toei Animation
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Cast - Attacks
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Musashi Kenzaki is busy training in kendo near a waterway when his phone digitizes and takes him to DigiQuartz. Kotemon comes and attacks him, asking him if he would like to get stronger. Musashi tells Kotemon that he wishes to be the strongest in kendo. Kotemon offers to teach him, which Musashi doubts he can do, only to be surprised when Kotemon dodges his strike and hits him at the head, wrist and chest near instantaneously. As Musashi concedes and asks Kotemon to train him, Ren Tobari watches them from the bridge.

Back at the Real World, Xros Heart helps their kendo club win the ward preliminaries on a 3-2 against their competition. Ewan then spots Musashi and informs Mikey of his presence, who recognizes him. One of the kendo members tells him that he was the person who Mikey beat last year in the preliminaries, but placed third in the nationals. Musashi declares that he will be their opponent in the next round.

That night, three university kendo students are walking back from training when Musashi intercepts and demands they challenge them. The students refuse to fight until he goads them into doing so, before he ruthlessly beats them to a pulp. The following morning, the club students tell Xros Heart of the street attacks, with the strongest university students being targeted and ruthlessly defeated to the point that they quit kendo. They describe the attacker as someone with a middle school build, who Mikey appears to suspect is Musashi. The only place the attacker hasn't gone to yet is the Martial Arts University. Tagiru then leaves, with Ewan already guessing what he's intending to do.

At the university, Tagiru suspects that a Digimon is manipulating the attacker and explains to Gumdramon that the attacker would likely target the place. Mikey and Ewan soon arrive with their own Digimon, Shoutmon and Damemon to assist just as a student, Kojirō, walks out. He is the strongest at the university and would be a prime target for the attacker. They trail him and soon run into the attacker, who challenges and defeats him. Xros Heart soon chases after the attacker into DigiQuartz, where they find Kotemon training Musashi and confront them.

Shoutmon asks Kotemon if he has been goading Musashi into attacking random kendo students in Tokyo. Musashi states that he had done so out of his own volition, as he could not stand losing to an amateur and wished to get revenge for his loss by challenging stronger kendo practitioners. Kotemon advises Musashi not to do the duels again in public, before Tagiru challenges Musashi. Despite having very little experience, Tagiru's flurry of attacks prevents Musashi from counterattacking. That is, until Ren has Dracmon manipulate another stick for Musashi, allowing him to defeat Tagiru. Kotemon, noticing the ghost stick, awards the win to Musashi to avoid escalating the situation. Tagiru also notes that he saw what he believed was a second sword while Musashi mocks him for the loss, only for Kotemon to tell him that he still has the actual tournament to win. He also suspects that something is wrong with Musashi.

As the humans leave, Mikey also had noticed the black aura around Musashi. Tagiru asks Mikey if he could fight Musashi again in the tournament, who allows him to as they can discern who is manipulating him by putting him into a corner. Tagiru then heads to DigiQuartz to train with Gumdramon, but his attacks as Arresterdramon are too much to handle. Kotemon then appears and offers to train Tagiru, voicing his suspicions and that Musashi needs an "honest swordsman" (Tagiru) to put him back on the right path. Kotemon allows himself to be hit by Tagiru as he gives pointers on how to improve.

Several days pass and the kendo tournament begins, with both Tagiru and Musashi's teams defeating their opponents and facing off at the finals. Kotemon's training allows Tagiru to defend himself from Musashi's onslaught and reveals it to him, stating that everyone is welcome under the banner of the sword. Musashi vows to prevail against Tagiru and the black aura reappears again before the two boys are dragged into DigiQuartz to everyone's surprise. Ewan asks Mikey if they should go after them, but Mikey states that Tagiru has to resolve it himself.

At DigiQuartz, Musashi attacks Tagiru with both swords. Tagiru soon notices Ren and Dracomon and that they have been the ones manipulating Musashi. Kotemon also appears and is enraged at them for straying Musashi from the path of the sword. Absorbing Musashi's greed and making the boy unconscious, Ren digivolves Dracomon into Yasyamon and orders him to hunt Kotemon. Tagiru reloads Gumdramon and digivolves him to Arresterdramon to fight Yasyamon, with Kotemon assisting, but the two are overwhelmed by Yasyamon's strength. Kotemon then realizes that they need to fight as one to overcome their opponent and asks Tagiru if he can digifuse him with Gumdramon. Kotemon willingly enters Tagiru's Fusion Loader and he fuses him with Gumdramon to create XrosUpGumdramon, who defeats Yasyamon. Ren retreats, vowing payback.

Musashi then awakens with no recollection of what happened. Kotemon asks Musashi if his lust for victory faded, before telling him that true victory comes from fair matches. Returning to the human world, Musashi and Tagiru resume their bout, with Musashi winning and his team advancing to the nationals. Kotemon then tells Musashi that he was proud of his head strike and that he has nothing more to teach. Musashi apologizes for his wayward actions and promises to continue following the true path of the sword. Mikey and Ewan also come to the realization that not all Digimon in DigiQuartz have ill intentions.

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Digimon Introduction Corner

Type: Reptile
Special Moves
Fire Men
Thunder Kote
Clockmon: "Kotemon! Aiming to be on top of the Digimon Kendo world!"
Old Clock Shop Man: "Its Special Move is aiming for your head with a shinai made of fire: "Fire Men"!"
Tagiru Akashi: "Okay. DigiXros with Revolmon! DigiXros! Kotevolmon!"
Gumdramon: "He's a sword fighter, is it really alright for him to use pistols?! That's not kendo!"
Kotevolmon: "Head!"
Gumdramon: "That's not kendo!"


Gumdramon 1 Arresterdramon 2 Gumdramon 4 Arresterdramon 5 Gumdramon 6 XrosUpGumdramon 7 Gumdramon
Gumdramon b.jpg Arresterdramon b.jpg Gumdramon b.jpg Arresterdramon b.jpg Gumdramon b.jpg 6-60 XrosUpGumdramon.png Gumdramon b.jpg
(w/ Kotemon) + Kotemon
Dracmon 3 Yasyamon
Dracmon b.jpg Yasyamon b.jpg
Kotemon 6 XrosUpGumdramon 7 Kotemon
Kotemon b.jpg 6-60 XrosUpGumdramon.png Kotemon b.jpg
(w/ Gumdramon) + Gumdramon


Other notes

Continuity errors

  • After XrosUpGumdramon is disengaged, Gumdramon and Kotemon are able to be out of Tagiru's Fusion Loader at the same time despite the fact a Hunter can only reload one Digimon at a time.

Miscellaneous trivia