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BATTLE09: The Black DigiCore!
(Kuro no Kaku!)
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Tsurugi and co. burst in on Trailmon and Agumon digivolves to GeoGreymon to attack Meramon. His physical attacks, however, have no effect as Meramon constantly regenerates—and his fire attacks do worse, as they actually increase Meramon's strength. Meramon then atttacks GeoGreymon, severely hurting him, at which point Gaomon notices that there is a black sphere in Meramon's chest. Sunflowmon and the Lalamon step in to hold Meramon off, but when he attacks them, Yuu's Digisoul flares without warning and makes Gaomon digivolve to Gaogamon and revealing that he holds the Beast (ケモノ Kemono?) Digimemory. However, the Digisoul is a spontaneous release—Yuu can't control it, and it's hurting him as much as it helps. It also renders the digivolution incomplete, and Gaogamon is going to dedigivolve soon. He then uses Spiral Blow to trap Meramon in water to expose the black orb, which GeoGreymon then attacks—for a brief moment, his arm turns into a revolver arm as it strikes the orb. Meramon then explains that Barbamon was controlling him through the orb, a Black DigiCore. This only firms Tsurugi's resolve to fight Barbamon—and Yuu's too, who wishes to no longer be a coward fleeing from everything. They take the caravan and board Trailmon to go to North Forest... except it has already been destroyed.

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