Tentomon DALEK t.gif
Appears in: Digimon Adventure:
First appearance "And to the Digital World" [03]
Voice actor(s): (Ja:) Takahiro Sakurai[1]
Partner(s): Izzy Izumi
Gender Male
Fresh Pabumon
In-Training Motimon
Rookie Tentomon
Champion Kabuterimon
Ultimate MegaKabuterimon
Mega HerculesKabuterimon

Tentomon is Izzy Izumi's Partner in Digimon Adventure:.


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Tentomon flies by as Izzy Izumi's Digivice: transports him to the Network. And to the Digital World

Other Forms

Pabumon's Digi-Egg

Pabumon's Digi-Egg is red and is covered in yellow stars.


Pabumon t.gif

Pabumon is Tentomon's Fresh form.

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Pabumon can digivolve to Motimon.


Motimon t.gif

Motimon is Tentomon's In-Training form.

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Motimon digivolves from Pabumon and can digivolve to Tentomon.


Kabuterimon t.gif

Kabuterimon is Tentomon's Champion form.

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, Kabuterimon digivolves from Tentomon and can digivolve to MegaKabuterimon.


  • Mega Blaster


MegaKabuterimon (Red) t.gif

MegaKabuterimon is Tentomon's Ultimate form.

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, MegaKabuterimon digivolves from Kabuterimon and can digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon.


  • Horn Buster


HerculesKabuterimon t.gif

HerculesKabuterimon is Tentomon's Mega form.

In the past HerculesKabuterimon was part of the Holy Digimon Army that fought against the Dark Digimon Army. The only survivors were six Digi-Eggs, implied to belong to Phoenixmon, MetalGarurumon, HerculesKabuterimon, WarGreymon, Rosemon, and Vikemon. The Holy Digimon

A brief manifestation of HerculesKabuterimon is seen when MegaKabuterimon launches his attack towards the control point of ISS, which is taken over by the Zurumon. Operation Satellite Sniper

In the Digivice: Virtual Pet, MegaKabuterimon can digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon.

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