Tentomon is Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi's partner Digimon in the Digimon Adventure continuity.


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His mouth doesn't move when he speaks, but does when he eats.


In the Japanese version, Tentomon speaks in a Kansai dialect. In the English dub, Tentomon was curious yet friendly, with a few eccentric quirks here and there in his head and speech. While intelligent like Izzy, Tentomon is much more cautious about keeping priorities straight, and often urges Izzy to put away a new project in order to be there for his friends. He is also protective of his tree, and doesn't let anyone touch it.


  • Super Shocker (Petit Thunder): Tentomon fires a rod of electricity from his antenna.
  • Shock Jaw
  • Rhino Spin
  • Dynamo Spin
  • Heave Ho!
  • Rolling Whip
  • Stumbling Attack
  • Electrical Discharge
  • Rolling Guard Combo
  • Upper Spin Slam
  • Upper Spin Slam 2
  • Claw Rush
  • Super Shocker Slam


Digimon Adventure[]

Digimon Adventure: Our War Game[]

Digimon Adventure 02[]

Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge of Diaboromon[]

Digimon Adventure tri.[]

Other Appearances[]

Digimon Masters[]

Tentomon appears in Digimon Masters as part of the June 2019 Odaiba update, which follows the events from Digimon Adventure in which Myotismon tries to find the Eight Digidestined.

Digimon New Century[]

Tentomon plays the same role as in the anime.

Other Forms[]

Tentomon assumes JikoChuumon as a joke form in Digimon Adventure 02: Armor Evolution to the Unknown using the Digi-Egg of Knowledge.

Pabumon's Digi-Egg[]

Pabumon's Digi-Egg

Pabumon's Digi-Egg was held by the Agents alongside Izzy's Digivice and Tag, the Crest of Knowledge, and the other Digi-Eggs, Digivices, Tags, and Crests, but when Piedmon attacked their base and stole the tags and crests, Gennai took the Digi-Eggs and Digivices and escaped in a Mekanorimon. He deposited the Digi-Eggs on File Island, where it eventually hatched into Pabumon. The Ultimate Clash



Pabumon is Tentomon's fresh form. He is a green-colored blob who has a yellow pacifier in his mouth.

Pabumon appears in Digimon Adventure when Vademon takes away Izzy's curiosity and Crest, causing Tentomon to gradually lose power. Tentomon de-digivolves into Motimon, and then into Pabumon. No Questions, Please



Motimon is Tentomon's In-Training form. Motimon is a cylinder-shaped pink blob with shining black eyes, a curvy, w-shaped smile, and two arms which have three developing claws on each.

Motimon found Izzy when he first came to the Digital World, and digivolves to Tentomon to fight Kuwagamon. Tentomon later degenerates to Motimon when Izzy loses his crest to Vademon, and continues to return to this form whenever he degenerates from MegaKabuterimon or HerculesKabuterimon after a battle.

After Omnimon Merciful Mode kills Ordinemon, Merciful Mode reverts to its In-Training forms, including Motimon. Future


  • Bubble Blow (Elastic Bubbles): Motimon fires bubbles from his mouth.



Kabuterimon is Tentomon's champion form.

Kabuterimon first appeared when he freed Andromon from the power of the Black Gear. He was also involved in battles against Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon's henchman, and the Dark Masters. Kabuterimon is also seen in the movie Our War Game, when Tentomon Digivolves in order to fight Keramon.

In Digimon Adventure 02, the Digimon Emperor used the data for Kabuterimon's exoskeleton in the creation of Kimeramon. Kabuterimon make very few appearances such during the mission of locating the Digimon Emperor's base and the battle against the invading Digimon during Matt's Christmas concert.

Tentomon once again assumed his Kabuterimon form after reuniting with Izzy during the battle against one of three infected Kuwagumon. Despite some struggle, both he and Birdramon managed to defeat the Kuwagumon. He later appeared during the battle against Alphamon, but he was effortless defeated by the powerful Mega level Digimon. Reunion Kabuterimon eventually joined the battle to stop Meicrackmon who managed to infected most of the partner Digimon. He tries to help MetalGreymon by pushing the partner Digimon into the backup cube but was severely overwhelmed by their assault causing him to revert back to Tentomon. Confession Kabuterimon briefly appears during Tentomon's digivolution to a higher level. Loss Coexistence Future


  • Electro Shocker (Mega Blaster): Kabuterimon fires a ball of electricity at enemies.



MegaKabuterimon (Red) is Tentomon's Ultimate form. He debuts when Izzy and Kabuterimon faced Vademon. MegaKabuterimon was also involved in several battles against Myotismon's henchmen and later, Myotismon himself. MegaKabuterimon seems to have a large amount of power despite his level, seeing as he was able to destroy an entire planet that Vademon threw at him in their fight. This power was also shown in the fight against LadyDevimon, when her Black Wing attack failed when it hit MegaKabuterimon's shell.

Tentomon loses the ability to Digivolve into this form when Izzy releases the power of his crest to free the Digimon Sovereigns. Later, in Digimon Adventure 02, Azulongmon uses one of his DigiCores to restore Tentomon's power to Digivolve into MegaKabuterimon. MegaKabuterimon is seen again towards the end of Digimon Adventure 02 during the World tour and Daemon Corp battles.

After giving a heartfelt farwell speech to Izzy, Tentomon digivolves to MegaKabuterimon in another attempt to stop Meicrackmon. After he managed to get a strong hold on her, Wargreymon who's infected attempts to savagely attack him prompting him to digivolve to his Mega form. Confession MegaKabuterimon briefly appears during Tentomon's digivolution to HerculesKabuterimon. Loss MegaKabuterimon appeared during the battle to stop Meicrackmon from rampaging in the real world, but was taken down by her increasing strength. Coexistence MegaKabuterimon appear during the initial confrontation battle against Ordinemon. He attempted to brace himself against Ordinemon's aerial tackle before being overwhelmed in the process. Future


  • Horn Buster: MegaKabuterimon fires an electric blast from his horn.



HerculesKabuterimon is Tentomon's Mega form.

While in Ryo Akiyama's party, Tentomon can digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon if he is at least level 31. Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer

This information is only considered valid within the Digimon Adventure (PSP) continuity.

When Apocalymon revives Machinedramon, Izzy and Tentomon show up to fight alongside Tai, which causes Tentomon to warp digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon. Digimon Adventure (PSP)

When the rest of his Digimon friends get infected by Meicoomon, Tentomon, showing his faith towards Izzy's sense of knowledge, digivolves to HerculesKabuterimon. As HerculesKabuterimon, he captures Meicoomon, snaps his friends from the infection and pushes everyone back into the distortion. Unfortunately, he wasn't quick enough to put himself and everyone else in the backup data before the reboot. Confession After the reboot and during the battle against Machinedramon, Tentomon wanted to help Phoenixmon and Seraphimon. With Izzy's help, he managed to digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon and their combined efforts manage to defeat Machinedramon. Loss In an attempt to stop both Jesmon and Raguelmon, MegaKabuterimon digivolves to this form in response. During the battle which continues into the Digital World, Alphamon appeared and his attack causes him to revert into Motimon. Coexistence HerculesKabuterimon appears during the initial encounter with Ordinemon. Unfortunately, his attacks have no effect and was quickly overwhelmed by Ordinemon's power reverting back to Motimon in the process. After regaining his memories which were lost during a reboot, Tentomon quickly assumed his Mega form HerculesKabuterimon to join the other partner Digimon to stop Ordinemon. He later fuses with the other partner Digimon to form Omnimon Merciful Mode. Future


  • Mega Electro Shocker[2] (Giga Blaster): A lightwave explosion that is an enhanced version of "Electro Shocker" which will annihilate anyone it hits.


Omnimon Merciful Mode[]

Notes and references[]

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