The original Ten Legendary Warriors (十闘士 Juttoushi?, lit. "Ten Warriors"), also known as the Ancient Ten Warriors (古代十闘士 Kodai Juttoushi?) or retaining its original name as Ten Warriors, were a group of ten Mega-level Ancient Digimon possessing ultimate strength[5] that existed only in the distant past and represent the ten elemental attributes. The group fought to save the ancient Digital World from Lucemon, and in their past crusade against it, only AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon survived to the end to seal the angel away. Each of them passed on their abilities to various Digimon Types[6], and their might to the thirty-two Variable-attribute Digimon who inherited their Spirits and title.[7]

Their heirs, the modern Ten Legendary Warriors, are divided both into two subgroups defined by their alignment, and into ten subgroups defined by the Ancient Digimon whose legacy they continue. Each of these ten subgroups consists of at least one Human Hybrid-level Digimon and one Beast Hybrid-level Digimon,[8] and sometimes includes the Warrior's Rookie-level form, a half-beast, half-man Digimon produced when their Human forms lose power, their Hybrid-level Fusion-species (融合種 Yūgou-shu?),[9] which has inherited all the might of that attribute's original Warriors by combining its Human and Beast Spirits,[10] or additional Human and Beast forms. The Warriors of Flame and Light also each have a Hybrid-level Transcendent-species (超越種 Chouetsu-shu?),[11] who possess power that has surpassed even the might of the original Ten Legendary Warriors by combining the Spirits of five different attributes together.[12]


Alignment Ancient Attribute Inheritors Child Human Beast Fusion Transcendent
Five Warriors of Justice
Seigi no Gotoushi
AncientGreymon b
Warriors of Flame
Hi no Juttoushi
Dragon Flamemon b
Agunimon b
BurningGreymon b
Aldamon b
EmperorGreymon b
AncientGarurumon b
Warriors of Light
Hikari no Juttoushi
Beast Strabimon b
Lobomon b
KendoGarurumon b
BeoWolfmon b
AncientBeetlemon b
Warriors of Thunder
Ikazuchi no Juttoushi
Insect Beetlemon b
MetalKabuterimon b
RhinoKabuterimon b
AncientKazemon b
Warriors of Wind
Kaze no Juttoushi
Bird Man
Kazemon b
Zephyrmon b
JetSilphymon b
AncientMegatheriummon b
Warriors of Ice
Koori no Juttoushi
Kumamon b
Korikakumon b
Daipenmon b
AncientSphinxmon b
Warriors of Darkness
Yami no Juttoushi
Mythical Animal
Demon Beast
Loweemon b
JagerLoweemon b
Rhihimon b
Five Warriors of Evil
Aku no Gotoushi
Duskmon b
Velgemon b
AncientMermaidmon b
Warriors of Water
Mizu no Juttoushi
Aquatic Ranamon b
Calmaramon b
AncientTroiamon b
Warriors of Wood
Ki no Juttoushi
Plant Arbormon b
Petaldramon b
AncientWisemon b
Warriors of Steel
Hagane no Juttoushi
Mutant Mercurymon b
Sakkakumon b
AncientVolcanomon b
Warriors of Earth
Tsuchi no Juttoushi
Rock-species Ore
Rock-species Mineral
Grumblemon b
Gigasmon b


Digimon Frontier[]

4-38 Ten Legendary Warriors

The Ten Legendary Warriors (伝説の十闘士 Densetsu no Juttoushi?) lived and died long before the DigiDestined came to the Digital World. In the farflung past, Human and Beast Digimon began a war against each other, but the war was ended when the angelic Lucemon descended to the Digital World to bring peace and order. However, his power corrupted him, transforming him from a benevolent and loving ruler into a tyrannical despot. In response, the Ten Legendary Warriors appeared, fighting Lucemon and managing to seal him away within the Dark Area.

At some point, AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon also fought against the evil Ornismon, and managed to seal it away on the Lost Island. Island of the Lost Digimon

The war eventually took each of the Warriors' lives, but they managed to pass on their powers in the form of the Spirits, which they left to the Celestial Digimon—the Spirits of Wind and Light were given to Seraphimon, Fire, Ice, and Thunder to Ophanimon, and Earth, Wood, Water, Steel and Darkness to Cherubimon. This story and their full appearances are revealed to the DigiDestined by Baromon at the Tunnel of History. It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears

During the DigiDestined's battles against the corrupted Cherubimon's forces, they were swept up by the Lost Island, where they discovered that Murmukusmon had been keeping the war between Human and Beast Digimon running in order to reawaken Ornismon. With the help of Bearmon and Kotemon, the DigiDestined managed to temporarily revive AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon, who quickly slayed the monstrous bird. Island of the Lost Digimon

The souls of the Legendary Warriors lay dormant within the Spirits, existing as silent partners to the DigiDestined, but they eventually reveal themselves during the final battle with Lucemon. Having taken on the personalities of the children who wielded their power, the Warriors encourage the DigiDestined, giving them the morale boost they need to evolve into Susanoomon, then eventually dealing the final blow to Lucemon Larva while in the form of their Human Spirits. In the wake of Lucemon's destruction, the path back to the Human World is fading, and so the Warriors throw their human counterparts into the closing portal. As the DigiDestined fly to their destination, they bid farewell and vow to watch over the Digital World in their place. End of the Line

Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode[]

Digimon Heroes![]

Digimon ReArise[]

In the distant past, the Ten Legendary Warriors fought against Lucemon in an attempt to stop its rebellion. During the fight, eight of them were killed and the remaining two sealed Lucemon away. Sealed Legend Tales of the Little Goblin and Its Friend Though they died, they were able to leave some of their power behind in a cave in the hopes that it could be used to stop Lucemon if it were to cause trouble again in the future. Tales of the Little Goblin and Its Friend

Many Digimon try to obtain the power, though they do not give them said power finding them unworthy due to their great sadness or anger. Tales of the Little Goblin and Its Friend

When Lucemon does indeed become unsealed, it plans to destroy the Digital World once again and travels back in time to obtain Millenniummon's power. Rasielmon acquires the help of Crusadermon, Dynasmon, and Mastemon then travels to the cave in the hopes that someone would come to obtain the power of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Goblimon and Raremon, having been told about the legend by Jijimon, arrive in the cave and end up coming across Rasielmon who tells them it is up to them to gain the power and help save the World from Lucemon. They accept this and are summoned into an alternate dimension by the remaining power of AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon, who test the duo to see if they are worthy of the power. Upon being told that the Legendary Warriors would give them the power they desire, the duo chicken out of it as they're scared and don't want to be the ones to be in charge of saving the World. The two Legendary Warriors laugh and watch their memories, then after seeing their personalities decide they are worthy of obtaining the power. Goblimon and Raremon turn it down again though and instead ask the Legendary Warriors to stop Lucemon from destroying the World. They use their powers to travel back in time and reach Lucemon, taking Rasielmon with them, and upon reuniting with it see that it is not powerful enough on its own to destroy the World which is why it needed Millenniummon's power. Since Goblimon and Raremon had asked them to stop Lucemon, not kill it, they decide to instead seal away Millenniummon and are able to do so with the help of Mastemon and Rasielmon. Angered, Lucemon defeats the Angels and the Legendary Warriors (with the Legendary Warriors's power running out, causing them to disappear) though this outburst of anger is enough of a distraction for Crusadermon and Dynasmon to attack and kill Lucemon (who had travelled back in time with Lucemon). Tales of the Little Goblin and Its Friend

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