Level Battle Type Attribute ID
Type Family Group
A Power B Power C Power

Lost Point


This is an infobox template to be used with Digimon cards from the Digital Monster Card Game. It will automatically categorize articles using the info included in the infobox.

{{Card Infobox DM-DM

An example of the code for Bo-1212: Khaosmon

{{Card Infobox DM-DM
|quote="Vividness! Transcending good and evil, the Knight of Chaos!!"
|req={{card|Darkdramon}} + {{card|BanchoLeomon||BantyoLiomon}}<br>{{card|Merukimon||Mercurymon}} + MEGA<br><small>Send to the Dark Area at the end of the next turn after evolution.</small>
|score=50, 50, 40, 40
|B=Dark Prominence
|effect=Cannot lose "Special Abilities"<br>Cannot be affected by "Worm" category
|ability=Look through opponent's hand and send all Red-Frame "Mega" Digimon to the Dark Area.
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