This is an infobox template to be used with Digimon cards from the Digital Monster Card Game. It will automatically categorize articles using the info included in the infobox.

{{Card Infobox DM-DM

An example of the code for Bo-1212: Khaosmon

{{Card Infobox DM-DM
|quote="Vividness! Transcending good and evil, the Knight of Chaos!!"
|req={{card|Darkdramon}} + {{card|BanchoLeomon||BantyoLiomon}}<br>{{card|Merukimon||Mercurymon}} + MEGA<br><small>Send to the Dark Area at the end of the next turn after evolution.</small>
|score=50, 50, 40, 40
|B=Dark Prominence
|effect=Cannot lose "Special Abilities"<br>Cannot be affected by "Worm" category
|ability=Look through opponent's hand and send all Red-Frame "Mega" Digimon to the Dark Area.