This is an infobox template to be used with Power Option cards from the Digi-Battle Card Game. It will automatically categorize articles using the info included in the infobox.

{{Card Infobox DB-PO
General Parameters
Card The card's ID code.
Name The name of the Power Option the card lists. Unless the listed name is very specifically a typo (see Zhuqiaomon and Ebonwumon), the listed name is to be used, no matter what form or traditional name the Digimon has. For example, St-171 depicts a Daemon, but names it "Creepymon". Creepymon would then be put into the name query. Bo-226 depicts an Antylamon (Virus), but simply names it "Antylamon". Again, Antylamon would be put into the name query.
Type The Power Option's Type, as specified by the card.
Sub The Power Option's Subtype, as specified by the card.
Image A scan of the card. This cell will automatically generate. These images must be self-scanned, or used with consent of the scanner.
Effect The Power Option's Effect, as specified by the card.
Req The Power Option's Use Requirements, as specified by the card.

An example of the code for St-59: Digivice Red

{{Card Infobox DB-PO
|name=Digivice Red
|effect=Use this card when required to Digivolve to an Ultimate or Mega with Battle Type {{red}}. Place this card face down on Power Port when placing next-level Digimon face down on Digivolve Zone.
|req=Use this card only during Digivolve Phase.
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