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{{Anime Infobox
 |title=Digimon Adventure
 |director=[[Hiroyuki Kakudo]]
 |producer=[[Hiromi Seki]]
 |studio={{w|Toei Animation}}
 |network={{w|Fuji TV}}
 |network_other=('''US:''') {{w|Fox Broadcasting Company|Fox}}, {{w|ABC Family|ABC Family}}, {{w|Toon Disney|Toon Disney}}, {{w|Nicktoons}}
 |run=[[March 7]], [[1999]] - [[March 26]], [[2000]]
 |episodes=[[List of Digimon Adventure episodes|54]]
Digimon Adventure
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudo
Producer: Hiromi Seki
Studio: Toei Animation
Network(s): Fuji TV
Other networks:
(US:) Fox, ABC Family, Toon Disney, Nicktoons
Original run: March 7, 1999 - March 26, 2000
Episodes: 54
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