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Teddy is one of Junior's friend, and, like him, is a great fan of Digimon. His favorite Digimon is Patamon, while his least favorite is Guilmon. He is shown to easily get excited and seems to be hasty. He is a huge fan of Lucky Mouse. Often, he has to intervene between the fights of Ivy and Junior. He didn't give himself a new name in the digital world because he was "too lazy". He is also skilled with computers. Teddy was able to shut down the Juggernaut and Destromon from the supercomputers of MAGAMI in both the Amaterasu and Asuka servers. Near the end of the game, Teddy is one of the victims who had their Matrix Data stolen and turned into an Oinkmon. In Digimon World 2003, after defeating Galacticmon, he stops another argument between Ivy and Junior and re-enters the Digital World with them. He will be at Quin Long City, where he can be fought in Card Battles.



Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon World 3.

  • Ja: Takumi (タクミ?). From "takumi" (? lit. "artisan") or "takumi" (? lit. "skillful")

Name used in the American version of Digimon World 3.

  • Teddy. Diminutive version of Edward ("rich guard") or Theodore ("gift of God").