The Tattoo Activity Books, are two piece of Digimon merchandise from the Digimon Adventure era, in the form of two books, by two different publishers. The books were released with their own subtitles, "Master warriors" and "Journey into DigiWorld". The books were released in different countries, the UK and the US, and it is unknown how similar they are.

Master Warriors

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Tattoo Activity Book: Master Warrior is a Digimon book produced by Ladybird books in the United Kingdom and was released around 2001.

The book was an activity book which is around nineteen pages featuring different puzzles for Digimon fans. The book was originally sold for £2.99 and has been out print for a number of years but second hand copies can be found online.


  • Spot the hidden winter clothing.
  • Plenty of pages to be coloured in.
  • Dot to dot puzzles.
  • Follow the lines and match the letters with Digimon.
  • Shade the dotted section puzzle.
  • Spot the Numemon.
  • A series of press on temporary Tattoos


Journey into DigiWorld

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Tattoo Activity Book: Journey into DigiWorld is a Digimon book produced by Modern Publishing, in the year 2000, and sold in the united states.