Tapirmon is Maki Himekawa's Partner Digimon.


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Tapirmon is Maki Himekawa's Partner. Alongside, Triceramon, Orochimon, LoaderLiomon, and Hippogriffomon, he fights the Dark Masters as Megadramon, but the evil quartet has the upper hand. When the Dark Masters attack Maki and Daigo Nishijima, Megadramon shields them with his body and is injured. When the other Partner Digimon digivolve into the Harmonious Ones, Megadramon is sacrificed in order to defeat the Dark Masters. After that, he became incapable of becoming a Digi-Egg.

Maki's desire to see Tapirmon again would later lead her to help King Drasil's plan of rebooting the Digital World, as it would allow him to be reborn. After the Digital World is rebooted, Tapirmon is reborn but doesn't remember Maki. One night, he is picking flowers in a field and is sighted by Maki. Tapirmon doesn't believe her when she tells him he is her Partner and backs off, but this only makes Maki insane and order him to remember her. Loss

Other Forms


Megadramon t.gif

Megadramon is Tapirmon's Ultimate from.

Megadramon fights the Dark Masters alongside the first Partner Digimon. He shields Maki and Daigo with his body when the Dark Masters attack them, and is sacrificed by the Harmonious Ones to defeat the evil quartet. Loss

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