Zone Houkai! Hibanachiru Taiki to Kiriha!

(D) Disk Zone (D) Blue Flare Army (Kiriha's Army) MetalGreymon (D) Mercuremon (D) Panbachimon (D) Bagra Army Sangenshi Blastamon (D) Lunamon (D) Seahomon (D) Bagra Army Evilmon (D) Blue Flare Army (Kiriha's Army) Deckerdramon (D) Blue Flare Army (Kiriha's Army) DeckerGreymon (D) Togemogumon (D) Blue Flare Army (Kiriha's Army) Greymon MailBirdramon (D) Bagra Army Sangenshi Lilithmon (D) Bagra Army Damemon (D) Bagra Army Chuuchuumon (D) Bagra Army Valvemon (DDC) Yukidarumon Icy Snow—Zettai Reido Punch

Mercuremon** MetalGreymon Togemogumon Searchmon Seahomon Lunamon Panbachimon Kiriha** Blastmon**—Final Supago-n Punch, Crystal Breath Mammon** Tankmon** Gaosumon Deckerdramon Cyberdramon Zenjirou Taiki Akari Dorulumon Cutemon Ballistamon Shoutmon Evilmon DeckerGreymon**—Cyber Blader, Plasma Deckerdra-launcher Shoutmon X4K—Victorize Boomerang Starmon Pickmons Greymon MailBirdramon Damemon Chuuchuumon Lilithmon Troopmon Valvemon** Knightmon PawnChessmon (White)

MetalGreymon + Deckerdramon > DeckerGreymon (guys) > Shoutmon X4K Shoutmon X4K > back DeckerGreymon > back Shoutmon + Ballistamon + Dorulumon + Starmon + Pickmons + Knightmon + PawnChesmons > Shoutmon X4K


Deckerdramon Knightmon Damemon Seahomon—Kawada ?ichi Lunamon—?? ?? Togemogumon—Kikuchi? Kokoro Evilmon A Evilmon B Panbachimon

Mammon and Tankmon and Valvemon are generic troops

English Airdate?

I've noticed that this site, like all other sites, doesn't have an airdate for this episode. I don't have Nicktoons so I don't know how the show is airing...but the English dub of this episode has surfaced online. Anyone know anything about this? --8th Mizukage (talk) 06:10, April 24, 2014 (UTC)

I believe Britain was getting a few episodes in advance of the US, due to their broadcasting schedule. I'm not sure whether we want to use combined US-UK airings, or just US for the tables; arguably, you could include the Malaysian dub if you're just going for "English, any country".Now activating Project: SPIDERS EVERYWHERE 20:26, April 24, 2014 (UTC)
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