They went to the world where dreams come true because blackwargreymon closed the gate to the digital world which was located in Highten View Terrace. 01:55, October 24, 2010 (UTC) see this article. i also think that blackwargreymon's closing of the gate may have no effect at all.

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Can someone please add the parts with his relation to Oikawa. Thank you :)


By reabsorbing his Alpha Bats (which had been consuming every energy source they could find), Myotismon resurrects as VenomMyotismon at 6 seconds past 6:06 PM. Though his body was destroyed by [[WarGreymon (Adventure)|WarGreymon]] and [[MetalGarurumon (Adventure)|MetalGarurumon]], Myotismon's "spirit" endured and exploited [[Yukio Oikawa]] by possessing him and setting in motion the events of Digimon Adventure 02, three years later.

===Digimon Adventure 02===
When his survival is revealed in the last few episodes of the series, Myotismon is revealed to have influenced Oikawa to create [[Mummymon (Adventure)|Mummymon]] and [[Arukenimon (Adventure)|Arukenimon]] and then manipulate [[Ken Ichijouji]] to becoming the Digimon Emperor while providing him the means to create the Black Rings and the Control Spires. But after Ken becomes good and the plot to destroy the Destiny Stones fails, Myotismon changes his plans by arranging Control Spires to appearein the real world and wild Digimon were released, causing worldwide panic. As the DigiDestined of Japan leave to send the Digimon back, Myotismon, through Oikawa, lured several unsuspecting children into being implanted with replica Dark Spores with the intend of using them to recreate his physical form.

On December 31, 2002, Oikawa tried to open a portal to the Digital World by using the same cards Myotismon had used to get to the Real World, but due to Myotismon's influence has him bring everyone to the Realm of Dreams. There, once his identity is revealed by Gatomon, Myotismon leaves Oikawa's body and absorbed the Dark Flowers that grew out of the implanted children to assume the form of [[MaloMyotismon]]. After a lengthly final battle, Myotismon is rendered a "spirit" again as Imperialdramon Fighter Mode uses Giga Crusher to completely destroy the fiend for good.

===Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time===
A copy of the original created by [[Quartzmon]], Myotismon leads an army of clones of himself to fight the gathered DigiDestined, Digimon Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Data Squad, Digimon Hunters.{{storylink|A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!}}

===Digimon Adventure: Anode/Cathode Tamer===
Myotismon was revived by [[Millenniummon]] and instructed to keep two of the DigiDestined prisoner. Upon facing [[Ryo Akiyama]], Myotismon praised Millenniumon's power and declared he would cut off Ryo's head and send it to his master as tribute.

*'''Grisly Wing''' (''Night Raid''): Summons his Alpha Bats (born from his own data) to attack or gather data from his victims.
*'''Crimson Lightning''' (''Bloody Stream''): Creates a red energy stream that he can throw out like a whip.
*'''Nightmare Claw''' (''Dead Scream''): Sends out a black [[wikipedia:Transparency (optics)#Translucency|translucent]] ghost-like entity that turns the victim black and [[wikipedia:paralysis|paralyzes]] them.

==Other forms==
The name "Myotismon" refers only to the [[Digivolution#Digivolutionary Levels|Ultimate]] form of this Digimon. Throughout the series, Myotismon gains the ability to [[Digivolution|Digivolve]] into a number of more powerful forms, each with a different name and special attack. Myotismon, however, is the form he is first encountered in.


[[File:VenomMyotismon t.gif|thumb|{{nihongo|VenomMyotismon|ヴェノムヴァンデモン|VenomVamdemon}}]]

[[VenomMyotismon]] is Myotismon's Mega form, referred to as the "Undead King"  in the prophecy foretold by Gennai. Though he is much more powerful, Myotismon's transformation into VenomMyotismon made much less intelligent, acting more like a raging animal and is solely motivated by his desire to devour anything in his reach to sake his insatiable hunger. However, VenomMyotismon retained his strong hatred of the DigiDestined. Devouring DemiDevimon, VenomMyotismon intended to devour all the people he put to sleep and are chanting his name while defeating MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon. However, by fulfilling the prophecy that foretold Myotismon's resurrection, the DigiDestined manage to Warp Digivolve Agumon and Gabumon to [[WarGreymon (Adventure)|WarGreymon]] and [[MetalGarurumon (Adventure)|MetalGarurumon]]. {{storylink|Prophecy}} 

With the other Digimon joining the fight, Myotismon's "true" body, called the "Beast Within", is actually hidden in his abdomen prior to WarGreymon drilling his way through VenomMyotismon's body. Once retrained by the Digivices, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon deliver the final blow and VenomMyotismon dissolves. However, the DigiDestined would later learn that Myotismon's "spirit" endured.

In ''[[Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time]]'', multiple copies of VenomMyotismon are created by [[Quartzmon]] to destroy the gathered heroes.{{storylink|A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!}}

*'''Venom Infusion''' (''Venom Infuse''): Fires powerful, rainbow colored energy beams from his eyes.
*'''Tyrant Savage''': Viciously slashes his enemy with his claws.

[[File:MaloMyotismon t.gif|thumb|{{nihongo|MaloMyotismon|ベリアルヴァンデモン|BelialVamdemon}}]]

[[MaloMyotismon]] is a post-Mega form of [[Myotismon]]'s. His Japanese name, BelialVamedemon is derived from [[wikipedia:Belial|Belial]], wicked or "that which is not to rise" and Vamedemon. Unlike [[VenomMyotismon]], he has both strength ''and'' intelligence, and is even more sadistic than any of his previous forms — he tortures and kills his faithful servant [[Arukenimon (Adventure)|Arukenimon]] upon regaining phyiscal form simply to "test out his new power" and out of sheer enjoyment then proceeds to destroy [[Mummymon (Adventure)|Mummymon]] with Crimson Mist after he attacks him out of grief.

Though the act frightened the others, Davis was the only one willing to fight as ExVeemon attacked MaloMyotismon made some major damage. MaloMyotismon tried to incapacitate them all by using their desires against them, but since Davis' greatest desire was to see MaloMyotismon defeated, he was able to break free of the spell and rescue the others. Davis' desire enabled all the different forms of all the Digimon to appear simultaneously, forming a Digimon army that unleashed a massive series of attacks that seriously injured MaloMyotismon. However, in the end they only helped him by breaking open an entrance to a canyon in the Digital World, where he becomes more powerful.

Overpowering the DigiDestined, MaloMyotismon attempted to cover the Earth in a blanket of darkness before the DigiDestined from the parts of the world arrive and use their Digivices to break through his blanket of darkness and disrupt MaloMyotismon's body. However, the pessimistic outlook of children who were implanted with the Dark Spores enable MaloMyotismon to replenish his strength befoe the DigiDestined encouraged the children to believe in their dreams. This causes Myotismon to lose his new body before his spirit is vaporized.

*'''Screaming Darkness''' (''Pandemonium Flame''): Fires heat rays of darkness from the Sodom and Gomora on his shoulders.
*'''Crimson Mist''' (''Melting Blood''): Releases red mists that engulf the enemy and causes them to melt/dissolve.
*'''Mental Illusion''' (''Mind Illusion''): Causes his enemies to experience their greatest dreams/desires or nightmares and uses them to his advantage.

<!--move to Prophecy article
*The prophecy: ''The sky will be darkened by the wings of many bats. The fallen people will invoke the name of the Undead Digimon King And when the clock strikes the Hour of the Beast, The Undead King will reveal himself in his true form, as the Beast. Then angels will shoot arrows of Hope and Light at the loved ones of those they have been sent to protect and a miracle will happen. Please always recycle.''-->


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In the infobox, why is his name transliterated as "Vamdemon" when ン = "n"? Shouldn't it be "Vandemon"?

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