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  • Rapid Punch
  • Drill Horn

And now we get to these:

Gabumon is a yellow-skinned reptilian Digimon about 2½ feet tall, although the 10 or so inch long horn atop his head increases his height. This horn, yellow just like his skin, has markings reminiscent of electric circuitry. His tail is normally held in a semi-erect position and has regularly-spaced bumps on its top. While most of his back is normally covered by his fur pelt, it can be assumed that these bumps continue up to the top of his head. Gabumon's belly is sky blue, with symmetric pink motifs. Gabumon's eyes are red and, although it is covered up, his muzzle is lizard-like.

Most of Gabumon's body is covered by a pale blue canine pelt with royal blue tiger-like markings, which are perfectly symmetric. Additional black markings surround the eyeholes. This is actually the pelt of a Garurumon, albeit a small one. Gabumon's horn goes through a hole at the top of the pelt's head. Eight teeth are also attached to each side of pelt's muzzle, and three violet claws to the end of each limb. Handles are present inside the forelimbs; Gabumon's hands are usually wrapped around them to keep the pelt in place. (The visible presence of these handles is erratic during the series, but Gabumon's hands are almost always drawn curled around something.) He can easily take off the pelt as seen in Subzero Ice Punch!, but he is never seen without his fur. Gabumon's name is probably derived from gabugabu, a Japanese onomatopoeia for guzzling.

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