Takuya Kanbara (神原 拓也 Kanbara Takuya?) is a main character in the Digimon anime series, Digimon Frontier. He is the leader of the "DigiDestined", children who were chosen to receive the ability to transform into Digimon in order to save the Digital World.


Takuya is a young boy with lightly tanned skin, brown hair and eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt with a black "D"-like symbol in chest, under a red jacket with a pocket on each side of chest, a dark brown bermuda, light brown gloves, white socks, orange and red sneakers with white soles, and a light brown cap over which he puts his goggles. The cap leaves a tuft of his hair out in the front. In the cover art of Digimon Frontier Original Story: Things That Want To Be Told, his shirt doesn't have the D-like symbol, his jacket doesn't have the pockets, and his sneakers are black and yellow with yellow soles.

When going for a swim at the Toucan Paradise, he wears red swim trunks. Beastie Girl

When making burgers at the Hamburger Village, he wears a green cooking apron over his regular clothes. You Want Fries With That?

In the cover art of Digimon Frontier: Christmas Smile, Takuya wears a Santa Claus costume; a red jacket with a white ruff on its ends and a mistletoe brooch on the top, red pants with white ruffs on the bottom of each leg, red gloves, and his usual socks, sneakers, and goggles. He also wears a brown cap very similar to his usual one, but with a white ruff on the bottom.


Takuya begins the series as a typical "goggle boy"—energetic and athletic, but tend to act without thinking and very stubborn. He has a strong sense of justice and tries to use his power to do what he believes is right. His hot-headed personality often leads to him arguing with Koji Minamoto, another of Digimon Frontier's main characters, however, they learn to respect each other toward the middle of the series, after their first encounter with Duskmon, and become good friends and partners in battle. He acts like an older brother to Tommy Himi, who reminds him of his real brother Shinya. He is shown to be instinctive as he was able to sense Bakumon in the TV forest, and when he returns to the digital world after changing back from Flamemon.


Takuya Kanbara (神原 拓也)

Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon Frontier and related material. Also used in multiple dubs, including the American English.

  • Ja: Kanbara (神原?). Japanese surname that means "spirits". The hara (?) kanji can also mean "original", possibly referring to the Spirits' origins as the Ten Legendary Warriors.
  • Ja: Takuya (拓也?). Japanese name that means "open being".



Takuya lives with his parents, Hiroaki and Yuriko Kanbara, and younger brother, Shinya Kanbara. He plays soccer and is his team's striker[citation needed], and their goalkeeper punches him sometimes. Digimon Adventure (PSP)

On the afternoon of Shinya's birthday, Takuya receives an SMS message from a mysterious person. The message instructs him to go to a subway station, where a Trailmon takes him and four other human children to the Digital World. All Aboard

At one point, Takuya is transported to the same dimension as Tai Kamiya, and he teams up with the Tamer to take down Metamormon.

At another point, the Old Clock Shop Man summoned the heroes of the past to the Fusion universe to help take down Quartzmon. After Christopher Aonuma succeeds in capturing Volcdramon, Takuya is on the Old Man's boat alongside the other Legendary Heroes. A Great Hunter Gathering! The Digimon Contest of the Southern Island! Later, when Quartzmon starts fusing the Fusion universe's Human World with DigiQuartz, and Xros Heart is not strong enough to defeat his army of VenomMyotismon, and MaloMyotismon replicas, Takuya shows up to assist them. He introduces himself and asks the others to not worry about him just because he doesn't have a Partner Digimon. He then double spirit evolves into Aldamon, confusing Jeremy Tsurgi as to how a human can become a Digimon, and fights an army of copies of Myotismon, VenomMyotismon, and MaloMyotismon. When Kumamon shows up with the rest of the Spirits, he ancient spirit evolves into Susanoomon, and Jeremy mistakes it for a DigiFuse. After the battle, Takuya's power, along with those of the other Legendary Heroes, is fused into the Brave Snatcher. Ryouma then uses the weapon to attack Mikey Kudo and OmniShoutmon. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!! Takuya lends his power again when Tagiru Akashi and Arresterdramon try to recreate the Brave Snatcher. Susanoomon, along with the other Legendary Heroes, follow Tagiru and Arresterdramon when they dive after the Brave Snatcher, and is then fused into the weapon. After the final battle with Quartzmon, Takuya is besides Agunimon, alongside all of Quartzmon's victims. The worlds them return to their normal states, and Takuya is returned to his universe. Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!


Other appearances

Digimon BattleSpirit 2

Takuya is a fighter.

Digimon Xros Wars: Super Digica Taisen

Takuya is a legendary General.

Digimon Adventure (PSP)

Takuya appears in the Digital Dungeon.


Takuya's theme-song, "Salamander", is sung by his Japanese seiyuu, Junko Takeuchi. In the Digimon 10th Anniversary CD, he contributes another theme song, "Secret Rendezvous".

Digimon Forms

Takuya wields AncientGreymon's power through the Spirits of Fire.


Flamemon t.gif

Flamemon (Flamon) is the Kid Warrior of Flame. Takuya reverts to Flamemon when he abandons the Digital World and flees back to Earth after being trounced by Duskmon. He returns shortly before he originally left Earth, literally losing his fighting spirit and being haunted by the specter of his defeat at Duskmon's hands. He decides to prevent himself from ever coming to the Digital World in the first place, but after realizing that this would mean leaving his friends to their dooms, he overcomes his fear, drives off the specter of Duskmon, and returns to the Digital World as Agunimon. Home Again, Takuya Returns


Agunimon t.gif

H Spirit of Flame

Agunimon is the digimon form that Takuya becomes when he uses the Human Spirit of Fire. The name "Agunimon" comes from "Agni", the Hindu god of fire.

It appears in the very first episode of Digimon Frontier, when Takuya first finds and uses the Human Spirit of Fire. Takuya was the first human to assume a Digimon form and in his first battle defeated the Ultimate leveled digimon Cerberumon. Takuya continues to use this form in many other battles against the evil members of the Legendary Warriors. Later, when Takuya gains the ability to assume more powerful forms, this form is used less and less in battle.

When the Old Clock Shop Man summons the heroes of the past to the Fusion universe to help take down Quartzmon, Agunimon appears by Takuya's side among the many humans and Digimon after the final battle. Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!

Takuya fights in this form in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.


  • Pyro Punch (Burning Salamander): Unleashes a blazing dragon from the Burning Wrists.
  • Pyro Darts (Fire Darts): Throws small bits of fire at his target from his gauntlet.
  • Pyro Tornado (Salamander Break): Uses a fiery tornado to spin himself around quickly, and then strikes the enemy with a roundhouse kick.
  • Pyro Tornado (Crimson Knuckle): Performs a punch.
  • Fire Dash: Charges into the opponent with a powerful tackle.
  • Elbow Drop
  • Burning Slider: Performs a punch and follows with a sliding strike.
  • Voltic Strike: Performs a flaming kick.
  • Blaze Shoot: Performs a kick in the air.
    • Blaze Gust: Performs a kick in the air.
  • Salaman Rider Kick: Performs a flaming jump kick.
  • Gatling Burst: Performs a series of rapid-fire punches.
    • Million Gatling Burst: Continues a series of rapid-fire punches.


Digimon BattleSpirit 2


BurningGreymon t.gif

B Spirit of Flame

BurningGreymon, Vritramon in the Japanese version, is the form Takuya assumes when he uses the Beast Spirit of Fire. Takuya first obtained this Spirit from a Shamanmon, who had been possessed by the spirit's wild power. At first, Takuya also had problems controlling this Beast Spirit, and even attempted to destroy the other DigiDestined with its power. He almost deleted Tommy in this form until a tear drop from Tommy landed on his eye. It wasn't until Gigasmon kidnapped Tommy that Takuya gained the courage to use his beast spirit's power to defeat Gigasmon.

This is Takuya's digivolution in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.


  • Pyro Barrage (Corona Blaster): BurningGreymon fires a solar heatwave laser from the "Rudori Tarpana" cannons on his arms.
  • Wildfire Tsunami (Flame Storm): BurningGreymon surrounds himself in a fiery aura which he then releases in waves.
  • Fire Below: This attack is only seen in Digimon Rumble Arena 2. This makes BurningGreymon jump into the air while flapping his wings, firing rapid small blasts from his Rudori Tarpana cannons. It inflicts a lot of damage and up to twelve hits.


Aldamon t.gif

By combining the Human and Beast Spirits of Fire, Takuya can become Aldamon. Many of Agunimon and BurningGreymon's features can be recognized in Aldamon. Takuya obtains the power to combine his two spirits when he received energy from Seraphimon's Digi-Egg during his fight with ShadowSeraphimon.


  • Atomic Inferno (Brahmastra): The cannons on Aldamon's hands release thousands of rocketing fireball missiles at the enemy.
  • Solar Wind Destroyer (Brahmashira): Aldamon raises his hands in the air and gathers energy into a dense fire ball which he hurls towards the enemy.


EmperorGreymon t.gif
4-35 Unified Spirit Evolution Spirits (Takuya).png

Takuya attains this form when he Unifies the Spirits of Flame, Ice, Wind, Earth and Wood. EmperorGreymon, KaiserGreymon in the Japanese version, looks similar to WarGreymon from Digimon Adventure. Takuya first becomes EmperorGreymon when he and Koji Minamoto are fighting against the corrupted Cherubimon at the Rose Morning Star. EmperorGreymon delivers the final blow to Cherubimon after he impales him in the forehead with his sword. He also fights Dynasmon many times in this form.

The sword EmperorGreymon wields is called the "Dragon Soul Sword" (龍魂剣 Ryūgonken?).


  • Dragonfire Crossbow (炎龍撃 Enryūgeki?, lit. "Flame Dragon Attack"): Fires arrows from the Ryūgonken, whose flames are so intense that they become a white light.
  • Pyro Dragons (九頭龍陣 Kuzuryūjin?, lit. "Nine-headed Dragon Array"): Releases the eight dragon's veins dwelling within Gaia, then becomes the final dragon himself and pulverizes the opponent with the Ryūgonken.
  • Ryūgonken (龍魂剣? lit. "Dragon Soul Sword"): Slashes with the Ryūgonken.


Main article: Susanoomon (Frontier)


In Digimon BattleSpirit 2, Takuya can become AncientGreymon himself as a "finishing" move. If Agunimon fills up his power meter, he can warp digivolve into AncientGreymon and fire a massive fireball at his opponent.

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