Takutoumon Wrath Mode is a Shaman Digimon. It is the form taken by Takutoumon after its Mode Change. It is utilized when charging into grand battles with steeled resolve. The pagoda Baota has materialized to form armor, Paishu has morphed into a trident. This form's appearance is a manifestation of the data of the legendary warrior identified as the "God of the East." By releasing the countless fighting spirits sealed inside Baota all at once, Takutoumon can massively augment its own power. That said, this dramatic increase in power also sends Takutoumon into a berserk state, rendering this form extremely aggressive and dangerous. In addition to transforming into protective armor, Takutoumon's divine weapon can also be detached and deployed as multiple autonomous units capable of long-range attacks.[3]


  • Ryusen Rangeki (龍閃乱撃 (りゅうせんらんげき) Ryūsen Rangeki?, lit. "Dragon Flash Random Shooting"): The separated Baota components disperse, then reverberate along the trajectory of the blades of light unleashed by Takutoumon's trident.
  • Bishamon Hakkyoku Senjin (毘沙門八極殲陣 (びしゃもんはっきょくせんじん)? lit. "Píshāmén Eight-pole Annihilation Formation"): This attack has both offensive and defensive capabilities. All of the deployed Baota units form a defensive barrier while simultaneously firing a massive laser powerful enough to eradicate an entire mountain.



Takutoumon Wrath Mode (タクトウモン:ラースモード)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

Píshāménshòu: Léitíng Xíngtài (毗沙门兽:雷霆形态)

Official Chinese name used in Chinese media.


Takutoumon Wrath Mode first appeared as an unnamed model within the code of Digimon New Century on February 28, 2024, before being added to the game on April 10, 2024.


Digimon New Century[]

Takutoumon Wrath Mode Fuses from BeoWolfmon and BryweLudramon.

Notes and references[]

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