Takuma Momozuka
(百束 タクマ Momotsuka Takuma)
Takuma Momozuka b
Appears in:Digimon Survive
Actor(s):(Ja:) Kouhei Amasaki
Grade 8th[1]
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese

Takuma Momozuka (百束 タクマ Momotsuka Takuma?) is the protagonist of Digimon Survive.


Takuma is a teenage boy with fair skin, short black hair with an ahoge, and brown eyes. He wears red-framed goggles on his head, a black shirt, and a white hoodie with blue sleeves, hood, and hemlines. He also wears grey pants and white sneakers.

During development, Takuma went through a few design changes. His hoodie was originally black, white, and yellow, whilst at one point it was brown and grey. In addition, his goggles were black framed, rather than red, and his shirt was part green, rather than red.



Takuma Momotsuka (百束 タクマ)

Name used in Digimon Survive.

  • Ja: Momotsuka (百束?). A Japanese surname that means "hundred bundle".
  • Ja: Takuma (タクマ?). A Japanese masculine name.
Takuma Momozuka

Named used the English versions of Digimon Survive

  • Ja: Momozuka. Similar to Momotsuka. Possibly a mistranslation.
  • Ja: Takuma. Same as Japanese name.


Notes and references

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