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Tai Kamiya (八神 太一[2] Yagami Taichi?) is the main character of the manga Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.

Tai is the first Digimon protagonist to wear goggles.


Tai looks exactly like the Adventure character of same name, except that he wears a yellow cape and a Digivice 01 on his left wrist.


Taichi Yagami (八神 太一)
  • Yagami (八神?). Japanese surname that means "eight gods". Possibly a reference to God, who created the V-Tamer Tags Taichi seeks.
  • Taichi (太一?). Japanese name that means "magnificent one". Together with Zeromaru, it is a pun on "01". As "Zeromaru" uses the number "zero" twice, their names form "100", as Taichi and Zero often claim to have "100%" wins.
Tai Kamiya

Name used in the American English release of the Digimon Card Game.

  • Tai. Derived from "Taichi".
  • Kamiya. A Japanese surname. Yagami (八神?) written backwards.


Tai's design was influenced by that of Kentarou Kamon[3]. He was originally intended to be named Kakeru Jimon (時門 カケル Jimon Kakeru?) and to be 12-years-old.[4]


He was a boy whose V-Pet had a Digimon thought to be a glitch, for the most part looks like the Digimon Adventure character of the same name, save for the yellow cape. But when he was transported to the Digimon World, he learned that the "glitch" was his partner, Zeromaru, a Veedramon. He met MagnaAngemon, who brought him to the Digital World to help them fight Daemon. Tai agreed, with Gabo as a tour guide to find the five V-Tamer Tags. He faced the likes of Etemonkey, the evil Digimon that guard the V-Tags. He even fought other humans, like Neo Saiba and the Alias III, who eventually helped him out. After he and Zero defeated Daemon, Tai and the other children returned to the Real World.

There were a few team-up specials Tai had with Davis Motomiya, Ryo Akiyama, Takuya Kanbara and an alternate version of himself (Tai Kamiya (Adventure:).

Other appearances

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

UlforceVeedramon mentions having a Partner when he was younger and that the two saved the Digital World before. Xros Wars!! The Prologue to the End!!

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