Tactimon is a Wizard Digimon. It is a soldier Digimon that possesses a peerless sword called the "Sword of Storms" (蛇鉄封神丸 Jatetsufūjin-maru?, lit. "Snake Sealed by God in Iron"). Within the Sword of Storms is sealed a sinister power strong enough to split a star in two, so drawing this sword marks the collapse of a star. Therefore, Tactimon battles without drawing the sword, but even so, it exhibits the destructive force of its menace. The Sword of Storms, which conceals such tremendous power, is not a sword that just anyone can handle. From that alone can you understand the depth of Tactimon's true might. Even more than its merit as a soldier, it excels in strategy with plans which are even said to be, "ingenuity itself, as if gushing forth like a spring," so Tactimon's true merit is not in physical strength but in ingenuity. When Tactimon leads an army, the outcome has already been decided, and it is said that, "The victory has been decided before it even fought." Due to the various plans it has laid out, when Tactimon stands upon the battlefield it has already guaranteed its absolute advantage.[2]


  • Earth Shaker (壱の太刀 Ichi-no-Tachi?, lit. "First Tachi"): Stabs the ground once with the Sword of Storms, generating an earthquake.
  • Tectonic Tremor (弐の太刀 Ni-no-Tachi?, lit. "Second Tachi")[3]: Stabs the ground twice with the Sword of Storms, awakening one hundred dead warriors.
  • Earth Hammer (参の太刀 San-no-Tachi?, lit. "Third Tachi"): Stabs the ground thrice with the Sword of Storms, collapsing the surrounding land with a shock wave.
  • San-no-Tachi Kai: Chitsuikaku (三の太刀・改・地鎚閣? lit. "Third Tachi Revision: Earth-hammering Tower"): Stabs the ground thrice with the Sword of Storms, exploding the surrounding land.
  • Ultimate Tactic (死の太刀 Shi-no-Tachi?, lit. "Death Tachi")[4]: Coalesces all of its energy into the Sword of Storms and slashes downward.
  • Go-no-Tachi: Goryounaku (悟の太刀・五稜郭? lit. "Englightenment Tachi: Five-sided Fortification")[5]: Slashes with the Sword of Storms five times, generating deadly shockwaves.
  • Mu-no-Tachi: Rikudourin'ne (無の太刀・六道輪廻? lit. "Nothingness Tachi: Six-realms Saṃsāra")[6]: Slashes with the Sword of Storms six times, generating a massive vortex.
  • Primary Tactic (タネガシマ Tanegashima?): Flips the gun-muzzles on its back at the opponent, then fires an immense destructive blast.
  • Penetrating Blast (鬼神突 Kishintotsu?, lit. "Wild God's Thrust"): Thrusts the Sword of Storms at the opponent with incredible force.
  • Star Splitter (星割り Hoshiwari?)
  • Tenshukaku (天守閣? lit. "Castle Keep"): Thrusts the Sword of Storms into the ground, creating a small mountain range.


Tactimon is a samurai Digimon whose armor is painted black with red flame details. It also wears a dark blue cape. Its face is never seen behind a helmet with a golden, flame-like crest welded onto it with a horn sticking out in the middle.


Tactimon (タクティモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Fusion[]

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Digimon Fusion Fighters[]

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Digimon Xros Wars (manga)[]

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Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red[]

Tactimon is an obtainable Digimon.

Digimon Heroes![]

Tactimon is card 5-266.

Notes and references[]

  1. Tactimon has no level in Digimon Jintrix.
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  3. This attack is named "Secondary Tactic" in Digimon Fusion, "Fall of the Final Code Crown" [29].
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  5. This attack is a pun on the naming scheme of Tactimon's previous attacks. "Englightenment" ( Go?) is a homophone with "Five" ( Go?).
  6. This attack is a pun on the naming scheme of Tactimon's previous attacks. "Nothingness" ( Mu?) is a homophone with "Six" ( Mu?).