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Tachibana (タチバナ?) and Sakurada (サクラダ?) are both members of the DigiPolice. They are each partnered to Commandramon and are able to Mindlink, meaning they also have Digimon Linkers. Satsuki Tamahime trained them, and considers them to be her aces.


Digimon Seekers[]

When the Sons of Chaos prepare to hack into the gateway to the Digital World again via the renewed Operation Tartarus, they convince the entire Crack Team to join their cause — as well as the Digimon in the Wall Slums. Kosuke Kisakata's plan required three Prototype Digimon at the Ultimate level, that also had to be Vaccine, Data, and Virus. As such he needed Shuu Yulin's Ryudamon, since it filled the Vaccine part — with him already having access to Eiji Nagasumi's Virus Attribute Loogamon. This lead him to set up a large scale hacking attack on the gateway, knowing it would get the DigiPolice's attention.

During the battle, Satsuki, wanting to defeat Eiji specifically, sends Tachibana and Sakurada to attack Loogarmon.

Eiji surveys the battlefield, spotting Dorugoramon and Ouryumon fighting above them. He considered attacking Ouryumon to help out Kosuke, but decides against doing so upon remembering Kosuke had said he wanted to defeat Yulin on his own. As they pondered this, as well as if they should digivolve to the Ultimate level, they are attacked by camouflaged Commandramon — with Eiji telling Loogarmon to use its Howling Burner in every direction so that they could flush out their enemy. This works, with the Commandramon coming out of camouflage to avoid the attack. Loogarmon, underestimating them due to them being Rookies, is taken by surprise when their attacks prove to be more powerful than a regular Commandramon's, and becomes even more shocked when they both digivolve to ​​Hi-Commandramon. Now in a two on one battle against two Mindlinked Champions, Loogarmon was at a disadvantage and began losing the fight. They had even managed to split Eiji away from Marvin Jackson and the other members of the SoC. Not wanting to have Satsuki reach Kosuke, alongside wanting to win so they could save Leon Alexander and Pulsemon, Eiji and Loogarmon's feelings synch together perfectly with Loogarmon beginning to digivolve. Kosuke, despite being in the middle of a battle with Yulin, yells out from above for the duo to achieve their ultimate forms — with this motivating Eiji and Loogamon and having them decide they were now actually ready to handle Ultimate level power. This motivation allows Loogarmon to digivolve to Soloogarmon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-2 The newly gained digivolution restores more of its memories, with Soloogarmon now having the upper hand against Tachibana and Sakurada Digimon. It takes little damage from their attacks, and proceeds to defeat both of them with little effort. Eiji tells Soloogarmon not to take it too far though, as he didn't want to kill the two DigiPolice members. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-3

Satsuki, having seen Soloogarmon easily defeat Tachibana and Sakurada's Hi-Commandramon, angrily and confusingly questions the fact that Eiji Nagasumi was able to digivolve his partner to the Ultimate level. She had heard he had done so whilst fighting Leon Alexander, but also heard he had lost control of the Digimon and as such was confused why this wasn't the case right now. As she yelled out about this, one of the DigiPolice members tells her Shuu Yulin and Ouryumon had been defeated. Now in charge, with Yulin out of action, Satsuki tells the left flank to retreat and regroup with the remaining forces and the right flank to go center to take care of the attacking Gatekeepers. The remaining DigiPolice try to fight back against her commands, but she reminds them that as deputy leader — she was in charge upon times Yulin wasn't able to do so herself. She contacts Tachibana and Sakurada, tells them to retreat, and that she will take their place in the battle. They apologize for losing, though she tells them it wasn't their fault. Unable to reject their new orders, they — whilst still Mindlinked with their partners — escape the battle on the Cargodramon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-4

As Kosuke continues hacking into the system, the Sons of Chaos are attacked by Gatekeeper Digimon. Chaosdramon and the SoC hackers Marvin brought with him are able to deal with them however, with Kosuke's hacking at 33% — which was 3% higher than when he had tried it in the past with only Dorumon.

Gatekeeper Digimon continue to arrive, but the SoC deal with them every time. As more and more fights happen, Kosuke hacks even more, now at 66%. Loogamon senses something, and tells the others that "it's coming". As Eiji worries about Loogamon's warning, Dorumon tells them there's nothing they can do about it, with the situation becoming worse as their SoC allies needed to log out due to their Mindlink times running out. This would leave Marvin as the last line of defence. Before they can log out, they are attacked by a Mekanorimon. Eiji was confused, since he thought the DigiPolice had retreated, and quickly learns that it was being piloted by a Mindlinked Satsuki/Numemon. The Mekanorimon collapses, being heavily damaged, but had still been able to do this last attack. Numemon gets out of the now fallen Digimon, with Marvin asking why she was here. She tells him she was here to recuse Yulin, with Marvin laughing as she only had a Numemon with her. This wasn't the case though, and she pulls out a Digimon Dock and tells the unconscious Yulin/Ryudamon that she had tendered her resignation as she had broken the rules of the DigiPolice by stealing their secret Digimon. She activates it, unleashing a Brigadramon.

Brigadramon aims its attacks at Eiji, Satsuki still wanting to kill him, but Marvin has Chaosdramon shield him. This was enough to pin Chaosdramon down, and with only Airdramon left — Numemon/Satsuki charge in to try and free Ryudamon. Eiji and Marvin are shocked to learn the DigiPolice had a Mega level Digimon the entire time, with Satsuki faking annoyance that Chaosdramon's Red Digizoid was able to withstand its attacks. With Brigadramon in range, Chaodramon grabs its arms but Satsuki reveals she wanted this to happen and had tricked him since it had missile launchers in its claws and as such would now be able to fire all of them at Chaosdramon at point blank range. Before it can do so, Eiji yells at them to stop fighting as "it" was here. Omegamon of the Royal Knights had arrived.

Omegamon attacks Kosuke, but Marvin is able to have Chaosdramon block the attack. As it falls to the powerful Royal Knight's attack, it is able to launch one final attack itself but Omegamon avoids it. Satsuki has Brigadramon attack Omegamon, though its attacks do little to it. Though she had no desire to help the SoC, she continues to have Brigadramon attack the Royal Knight as she didn't want Omegamon to kill Ryudamon/Yulin alongside the others. Brigadramon overheats, with it now unable to continue fighting. Omegamon comes out of the smoke unharmed, with there now being nothing to stop it killing Kosuke. The hacking was at 97%, and as Omegamon charged at Kosuke the mission seemed like it was going to fail. Kosuke however, reveals he had a trump card — and pulls out two Digimon Docks. He summons two Mega level Digimon and has them block Omegamon's attacks. With the hacking now at 99%, the gateway scans the three Prototype Digimon with its analysis bringing up holograms of their Ultimate forms. This confirmed they met the requirements, with the gateway giving Kosuke the key. The hacking was complete. Omegamon kills Kosuke's Mega Digimon but it is unable to reach the group in time as upon Kosuke activating the key — he, Eiji, and the Prototype Digimon vanish. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-5