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BATTLE19: System World!
(Ten Kai!)
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As Tsurugi and Yuu burst through the Firewall, Norn comforts a broken Ami, whose Pichimon, Water Digimemory and all, was absorbed by NEO. She is then taken away to a prison as the three Commanders are deployed. The Tamer's approach is disrupted by Murmukusmon, who remembers a DemiVeemon he knew before blasting them. The two spiral off in different directions: RizeGreymon being confronted by Zanbamon and MachGaogamon with Chaosdromon. Against Chaosdromon, MachGaogamon doesn't fare well: his speed and Chrome Digizoid gauntlet are no match for Chaosdromon's Red Digizoid armor defences. Chaosdromon infects MachGaogamon with a virus. In the meanwhile, RizeGreymon manages to stop Zanbamon's sword, which has killed 99 Dragon Digimon, due to Tsurugi's Digisoul. Seeing that, Zanbamon initiates an attack combination which ends with Tsurugi's Digivice iC destroyed and the Digisoul's power essentially negated. Meanwhile in prison, while guarded by a SkullSatamon, Norn watches over the two Digivices she has, the Anti-God devices Digimon Twin.

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