The Swan (スワンワールド Suwan Wārudo?) is the main setting of Digital Monster DProject. It is a digital world inside of a WonderSwan console.

The Swan World is on the verge of being deleted, when the DigiCode Inputter responds to Ophanimon's call for help, which freezes the erasing process. Ophanimon then transports the DigiCode Inputter to the Swan World and tasks him with defeating the Evil Digimon to restore the land.


The Prairie (へいげん Heigen?) is the area where the DigiCode Inputter arrives in the Swan World. There's a house in the middle of the Prairie, which contains the Digitama Maker, a food machine that produces food and medicine, a computer where the Inputter can store Digimon, and a Digimon Reference Book which contains data on every species the Inputter has raised. On north there is an exit to the Forest.


The Forest (もり Mori?) is an area north of the Prairie. To the north is the Cliff, and to east the Temple.


The Cliff (がき Gaki?) is located on north of the Forest.


The Temple (しんでん Shinden?) is an area east of the Forest. To the North is the Dragon's Nest, and to the south is Village of Beginnings.

Dragon's Nest

The Dragon's Nest (りゅうのす Ryū no Su?) is an area north of the Temple.

Village of Beginnings

The Village of Beginnings (はじまりのまち Hajimari no Machi?) is the place where every Digimon, except for the ones produced by the Digitama Maker, is born. It is located south of the Temple. On the south is an exit to the Mysterious Town.

Mysterious Town

The Mysterious Town (ふしがなまち Fushigina Machi?) is a small town with a trolley on it. It located south of the Village of Beginnings.


The Beach (かいがん Kaigan?) is an area west of the Mysterious Town.


The Shrine (じんじゃ Jinja?) is an area north of the Beach.


The Tundra (せつげん Setsugen?) is an area north of the Shrine.


Lava (ようがん Yougan?) is a volcanic area north of the Tundra. It contains a warp pad to the Demon Space.

Demon Space

The Demon Space (まくうかん Makūkan?) is a dimension covered in darkness, and a space between digital and digital.[1] It can be entered through a warp pad in the Lava.

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Notes and references

  1. Pagumon: "This is the Demon Space. It is the space between digital and digital."