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Super Evolution Stage "Digimon Adventure tri. ~Adventure of August 1~" (超進化ステージ「デジモンアドベンチャー tri. ~8月1日の冒険~」 Chō Shinka Sutēji "Dejimon Adobenchā torai. ~Hachigatsu Tsuitachi no Bōken~?) is a live stage play companion to Digimon Adventure tri. It ran at the Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi in Tokyo for ten performances from August 5, 2017 through August 13, 2017.

Plot summary

The DigiDestined go on a camping trip with their Digimon partners on August 1, to commemorate the six year anniversary of their meeting and original adventure. While at the campgrounds, they start noticing strange occurrences, which come to a head when they realize they have been trapped in a digital area and are attacked by their old enemy, Etemon, who had come back from 100 years of imprisonment in the Dark Ocean and is seeking revenge. To win and go back where they came from, the DigiDestined must confront their own insecurities, and face their future.



Opening Theme: Butter-Fly
Artist: Kouji Wada



Notes and references

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