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BATTLE08: Sun Caravan!
(Taiyou no Karaban!)
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As Barbamon readies his army, he explains his reasons for a new world—he wishes for Digimon autonomy from humans, who he sees as creatures who create and subsequently toss Digimon they no longer care for. Meanwhile, Ami is freaking out because she wants no part of the battles and doesn't care about Barbamon. In the same vein, she wants Yuu to return as well, because he has an operation coming up. Yuu, while also not wanting to fight, doesn't want to return either because he's scared of the operation. In the middle of the night, Yuu and Gaomon steal away, with Trailmon reluctantly letting them. The next day, the rest order Trailmon to go back as Yuu and Gaomon, nearly collapsing from the heat, discover an oasis. As they rest an recover, a caravan of Lalamon and Tanemon, led by a Sunflowmon, appear and reveal that the desert they are currently in used to be a verdant land and that they are heading to the North Forest to meet MegaKabuterimon. While at the oasis, however, the caravan is attacked by DemiMeramon, who herald a Meramon who has been corrupted by Barbamon and proceeds to beat up Gaomon.

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