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"Storm of Friendship"
(Aoi Inazuma Raidoramon)
"Blue Lightning, Lighdramon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) June 11, 2000
(En:) October 7, 2000
Written by (Ja:) Genki Yoshimura
(En:) Steve Rollman, Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Hiroki Shibata
Chief Anim.
Toshio Deguchi
Art Tetsuhiro Shimizu
Toei Animation
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Davis becomes emotionally torn from the group as he struggles with the idea of fighting a friend, though he will soon come to realise the true meaning of friendship.


DA02 ep11 recap

Episode recap for Storm of Friendship.


Ken continues to set up and patrol the Digital World with his army of Digimon. Meanwhile, while riding on a railway track, Cody gets an email from Izzy notifying the group that Ken has been spotted with the kidnapped MetalGreymon. Matt asks Tentomon to go find Gabumon in preparation for the fight against the Digimon Emperor. Davis is shocked to hear that they have to fight MetalGreymon and a little doubtful that they'll be able to defeat him. This sparks an argument between him and T.K., who remains hopeful. Davis lunges at T.K. and when Kari and Yolei try to break them up, it reminds Tai and Matt that one of the reasons they are such good friends is how much they fought when they were younger.

After a while of travelling, Cody's D-3 starts beeping and they notice the Crest of Friendship carved into a cliff face nearby. They soon find a Digi-Egg with the same symbol on it. Matt is the first to try and lift it, but he has no luck. He is followed by Cody, Tai, T.K., Kari and Yolei but no one is able to lift it. Finally, after being somewhat forced, Davis tries, though clearly not as hard as the others, and it yields the same result. Suddenly, a terrible screeching noise fills the air and it turns out to be from the bug Digimon Flymon, who immediately attacks the group, injuring Patamon. Veemon quickly armor digivolves to Flamedramon and counters back. Hawkmon follows suit but neither can finish him off because of the ear-piercing noise. While everyone is busy covering their ears, the wounded Patamon is kidnapped. As everyone chases after the Flymon, Ken appears on MetalGreymon and attempts to put a Dark Spiral on the kidnapped Patamon. Just as he is about to succeed and place another of the DigiDestined's Digimon under his control, Garurumon appears and saves Patamon, returning him to T.K. while knocking the Dark Spiral out of Ken's hand and freeing Flymon as well. Davis seems surprised by T.K.'s willingness to help his partner and when Flamedramon asks if Davis would do the same thing, he is unsure, angering Flamedramon.

Armadillomon and Gatomon armor digivolve into Digmon and Nefertimon to help Garurumon try and destroy the Dark Spiral on MetalGreymon, though Davis is still too scared to fight, in fear of hurting Tai's partner. Flamedramon then reverts to Veemon, claiming that Davis doesn't understand true friendship. When Veemon is put in danger and Davis does nothing to help, the others scold him about his lack of trust in his friends. He has an epiphany and the Digi-Egg of Friendship appears in front of him. Veemon uses this new Digi-Egg to digivolve into Raidramon. Everyone is surprised, including Ken, who has MetalGreymon attack. Raidramon counters with Blue Thunder at the Dark Spiral, but it doesn't break. With some encouragement from the group, Davis rides on Raidramon and the two continue on the offensive. Garurumon uses his Howling Blaster, distracting MetalGreymon long enough for Raidramon to use his Thunder Blast, which is powerful enough to shatter the Dark Spiral from MetalGreymon's arm. Tai is thrilled to be reunited with the now normal Agumon and Ken flees on an Airdramon. After the group returns to the real world, Izzy sends Tentomon to spy on Ken. Davis is happy to now be in possession of two Digi-Eggs and Matt gives him a noogie, saying that he's officially part of the team now.

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Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor

Digimon Analyser

DC fu.pngDC ra.pngDC i.pngDC mo.pngDC n.png

Insect Digimon

Special Move
Deadly Sting
Armadillomon: "It's Flymon. The only thing worse than his Deadly Sting attack is the noise he makes when attacking. When I hear him coming, I usually just dig a hole until he blows over."

DC ra.pngDC i.pngDC do.pngDC ra.pngDC mo.pngDC n.png

Beast Digimon

Signature Move
Thunder Bolt,
Electric Bite
Special Move
Lightning Blade,
Blue Thunder
Raidramon: "I am Raidramon. As Veemon, I used the Digi-Egg of Friendship to armor digivolve. My Blue Thunder and Electric Bite attacks annihilate my enemies."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Veemon 1 Flamedramon 5 Veemon 6 Raidramon 8 DemiVeemon
Veemon b.jpg Flamedramon b.jpg Veemon b.jpg Raidramon b.jpg DemiVeemon b.jpg
DigiEgg of Courage b.png DigiEgg of Friendship b.png

Hawkmon 2 Halsemon 8 Poromon
Hawkmon b.jpg Halsemon b.jpg Poromon b.jpg
DigiEgg of Love b.png
Armadillomon 3 Digmon 8 Upamon
Armadillomon b.jpg Digmon b.jpg Upamon b.jpg
DigiEgg of Knowledge b.png

Gatomon 4 Nefertimon 8 Gatomon
Gatomon (Ringless) t.gif Nefertimon b.jpg Gatomon (Ringless) t.gif
DigiEgg of Light b.png
MetalGreymon (Virus) 7 Agumon
MetalGreymon (Virus) b.jpg Agumon b.jpg


"All aboard! I just love riding trains! Where's the dining car?"

Tentomon has over-high expectations for a cobbled-together traincart.

Cody: "Apparently, Ken and MetalGreymon have been seen south of here."
Matt: "We're on the right track."
Tentomon: "Well, technically, Matt, we're on the only track."

—Tentomon cracks another joke.

Davis: "Any bright ideas under that fancy hat?"
T.K.: "At least I'm trying, Goggle Head! And don't make fun of my hat!"

—Davis and T.K. exchange headgear insults.

Tai: "When Matt and I were younger, we fought a lot too. But if we hadn't fought all those times we probably never would've become such good friends. So just let them fight it out of their systems."
Yolei: "Leave it to boys to think they have to fight to become friends."
Cody: "Well, I think the best way to make friends is over a good game of checkers."

—Yolei and Cody have doubts about Tai's friendship advice.

Yolei: "Who could've carved that?"
T.K.: "Someone with a really big chisel?"

—Yolei seems to be the only one questioning where all the strange landmarks are coming from.

"You see in physics there's this little thing called equilibrium. When you have two libriums that weigh the same they're equilibrium!"

Davis needs a lesson in physics and good excuses.

"I can't do it! I give up!"

—Believing that the Digi-Egg isn't meant for him, Davis pretends giving up.

Flamedramon: "FIRE—"
Davis: "Hold it, Flamedramon! You might accidentally miss and hit Patamon."
Flamedramon: "I'm such a hothead. Sorry."

—Flamedramon doesn't realize Ken might use Patamon as a shield.

Davis: "I have to hand it to T.K. He really risked himself to save Patamon. What a friend."
Flamedramon: "Would you try to protect me if I was in danger, Davis?"
Davis: "Huh? Um... maybe."
Flamedramon: "'Maybe'? 'Maybe'?! What about 'definitely'?!"

—Davis's hesitation doesn't make Flamedramon very happy.

Tai: "Davis, help us!"
Flamedramon: "Come on, Davis, aren't you gonna help them fight?"
Davis: "I just can't do it! There's a chance I'll hurt MetalGreymon!"
Flamedramon: "You don't understand about friendship!"

-Davis's continued hesitation makes Flamedramon very unhappy as he reverts back to Veemon.

Ken: "I'd love to see how this turns out but I've gotta run. I have a few chores to take care of, like taking over the Digital World."

-Ken puts in his two cents on Davis and T.K.'s argument.

"Now I'm beginning to understand what makes friendship so powerful! You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to protect them, because they would do the same for you! VEEMON, I'M YOUR FRIEND!"

—Davis's heart of Friendship finally shines.

"Raidramon! The Storm of Friendship!"

Veemon unlocks his second Armor Evolution.

Matt: "Davis, this is a team effort. We're going to attack him at the same time. We need you!"
Davis: "I'm not sure..."
T.K.: "Not sure?? This time, you're going to do things the right way!"
Davis: "How can I?"
Raidramon: "If we must, we'll fight together!"
Davis: "You're right! All this time, I've been worrying about what's best for me, not the team. Well, you can count on me, now!"

—Davis is finally ready to fight the right way, as T.K. calls it.

Tai: "I'm sorry we attacked you Agumon"
Agumon: "I'm sorry too!"
Tai: "I'm sorry that you're sorry!"
Agumon: "Well, I'm sorry that you're sorry that I'm sorry!"
Tai: "Tell you what, I won't be sorry anymore, and you don't be sorry either, okay?"
Agumon: "...Sorry."

—Tai and Agumon tearfully take apologizing to a whole new level.

"How many times have I told you--when I'm thinking, don't talk?! And I am always thinking, so never talk!"

Ken must think out loud an awful lot, much to Wormmon's dismay.

Izzy: " Okay, we managed to get Agumon back safe and sound, but we can't relax with Ken still out there. Tentomon, I need you to be a spy and find out what he's up to."
Tentomon: "The name's Mon. Tento Mon."

—Time for 00Digi to take the stage

Other notes

Animation errors

  • In the first full shot of MetalGreymon, a section of his robotic arm is red instead of gray.
  • When Davis and T.K. are arguing, the line on Yolei's vest is missing.
  • When Davis is reluctant to grab the new digi-egg, one shot shows his gloves in a darker shade of yellow.
  • When the Digimon Emperor reveals the Dark Spiral he'll use on Patamon, his right arm is the same color as his skin.
  • In a couple of shots of the Digimon Emperor and Patamon, the white section on the Emperor's right sleeve is missing.
  • When the Digimon Emperor gives orders to MetalGreymon, the white section on the left side of his torso is missing and the cuff on his right arm is black instead of gray.
  • When MetalGreymon avoids Digmon's Gold Rush attack, the section of skin under his robotic chest is gray.
  • When the Digimon Emperor looks at Raidramon, the white section on the left of the Emperor's torso is missing.
  • When the Digimon Emperor loses his balance after MetalGreymon avoids Garurumon's "Howling Blaster" attack, the white sections on the sides of his torso are missing, although reappear for a brief moment, and his right arm is completely blue.
  • In the last shot of the group in the computer room, Kari's belt is missing.

Dubbing changes

  • In the Japanese scene, Davis angrily calls himself miserable just as his sigil of Friendship shines.

Digimon references

Real-world references

  • When Izzy asks Tentomon to spy on the Digimon Emperor, Tentomon replies with "The name's Mon. Tentomon", a reference to the famous James Bond movie quote.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Raidramon announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.