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Steve (スティーブ Sutību?) is an American DigiDestined. His partner digimon is a Frigimon.

In Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1, Steve first appears with his partner Digimon, Frigimon, leading all the Digimon he found scattered around America to Central Park in New York City just as Benjamin (Gennai's American counterpart) had planned. He recieves a call for help from Phil (another American Digidestined) who is having problems with a Cherrymon.

The Cherrymon manages to overpower the partner Digimon of Davis, Mimi, Michael and Phil. He arrives to help shortly after Lou and Maria. After introducing himself, he helps them defeat the Cherrymon and proceed to bring all the Digimon to Cental Park where Davis sends them all back to the Digital World.

He and all the American DigiDestined then cheer for a job well done. When Mimi's parents arrive and ask where the Digimon are, he and the others pretend not to know what they're talking about.

In A Million Points of Light, he makes his last appearance in the battle against MaloMyotismon. He is seen in the streets of New York, raising his digivice with Mimi, Michael, Maria, Lou, and Phil. After calling out the name of his partner Digimon and sending the light of his Digivice to the sky, he is transported to the Digital World along with his fellow American DigiDestined. When he lands in the Digital World, he stands together with Mimi and Mina (an Indian Digidestined).

Partner Digimon[]


Frigimon t

Frigimon is Steve's Partner Digimon. Shortly after the Christmas of 2002, wild Digimon appeared all over the world. Frigimon and his partner Steve helped escort the escaped Digimon around America[citation needed] to a rendezvous point in New York City so that they could be returned to the Digital World. When Frigimon and Steve arrive alongside Lou, Tortomon, Maria, and Centarumon, they find that a Cherrymon being escorted by Phil had gone berserk and began attacking the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, and was being fought off by Flarerizamon, ExVeemon, Lillymon, and Seadramon. The newly-arrived Digimon are able to weaken Cherrymon long enough for Flarerizamon and the Japanese Digimon to knock the tree Digimon unconscious. Frigimon later makes an appearance during the final battle aginst MaloMyotismon, and lends his energy to the DigiDestined to defeat the demon lord Digimon.

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