(スティフィルモン Stiffilmon)
Stefilmon b.jpg
Level Ultimate
Type Beast Man
Attribute Data
Debut Digimon ReArise
Prior forms Filmon[1]
Next forms Rasenmon Fury Mode[2]
Partners Protagonist

Stefilmon is a Beast Man Digimon. Even among Filmon, only a small fraction of those who have tempered their quills to the extreme can achieve digivolution into this Ultimate level Digimon. The fur covering its entire body is said to possess hardness rivalling that of Red Digizoid, acting not only as a shield that protects its body from harm, but also as a weapon that boasts unparalleled offensive power. The "Hurricane Knuckles" it wields in both hands are its prided weapons, made from compressing its own shed fur to high density. It views WereGarurumon as a rival and dreams of the day that it can face WereGarurumon in battle, and so it trains diligently every day in preparation.[3]


  • Giga Crimson Dive: Charges forth whilst doing a high-speed drillspin, cleaving the opponent to bits with its bristled fur and Hurricane Knuckles.
  • Vermilion Vortex: Causes red, drill-shaped spears to protrude from all over its body, annihilating multiple enemies in one go.


Stefilmon is based on humanoid wolf wearing a pair of cowboy boots has spikes all over its body and wields those spiked knuckles.

Stefilmon's design may have taken inspiration from the Werehog (a hedgehog and werewolf hybrid) from Sonic Unleashed.


Stiffilmon (スティフィルモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (En-Fra:) Combination of the words "stiff" and "fil" (lit. "wire").

Name used in the American English version of Digimon ReArise.

  • (En-Fra:) May be a combination of "steel" and "fil" (lit. "wire").


Digimon ReArise

Main article: Stefilmon (ReArise)

Stefilmon digivolves from Filmon and can digivolve to Rasenmon Fury Mode or Rasenmon.

Digital Monster X Ver.2

Stefilmon digivolves from Filmon, Numemon X, and Velgemon.

In the Red version, Stefilmon can digivolve to BlackWarGreymon X, GrandisKuwagamon, Rasenmon Fury Mode, Bagramon, and Rosemon X.

In the Purple version, Stefilmon can digivolve to AxeKnightmon X, GigaSeadramon, Rasenmon Fury Mode, Bagramon, and Rosemon X.

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