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Steal Pulsemon!
(Parusumon wo Nusume!)
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) July 4, 2022
(En:) August 27, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Appmon Academy

Pulsemon trains to go on a journey with Ritsu Kodo, with Ritsu and other Cypress Village residents watching. Ritsu daydreams about how cool Joe Wakamiya and Wingdramon were, then snaps out of it and freaks out saying he's not the type of person to go on an adventure.

Pulsemon looks around, saying he has felt like they're being watched recently and right in the middle of eating some meat come across a drooling Espimon — the group having no clue where it had come from. Pulsemon assumes it had come to steal their meat, though Bokomon tells them that probably isn't the case she its a spy Digimon. Ritsu asks if it's the reason Pulsemon had felt like they were being watched and though Espimon denies its face says otherwise. Ritsu warns the group to be careful since they now know they're being spied on, though Epsimon tells it it will tell it anything it wants and starts telling it all about itself. Ritsu, finding this weird, asks Espimon if its actually a paparazzi instead of a spy though it denies being one and insists it's a spy that looks for rumours and suspicious information. It had heard about a Digimon who could only digivolve certain parts of its body and had come to find out more information about this unusual phenomenon so that it could sell that information to Vademon for lots of money. Having heard this, Pulsemon decides it would go and sell the information to Vademon itself, with Espimon falling into despair at the fact that if it does that wont be able to do so itself. Refusing to allow that to happen, Epsimon decides it will defeat Pulsemon so that it can sell it as research material. They are able to avoid each other's attacks and praise each other, with Pulsemon telling Espimon it should put his talents to more than just being a journalist — Espimon annoyed as its a spy not a journalist.

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