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Spy Digimon Espimon
(Supai Dejimon Esupimon)
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) August 4, 2022
(En:) September 3, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Pulsemon and Espimon continue their fight for the rights to who gets to sell information on partial digivolution to Vademon. Epismon uses its Divanish technique to turn invisible, and though Pulsemon tries to sense its presence it's no use and Espimon is able to land multiple unanswered attacks. Espimon attacks randomly, but on top of being invisible Epsimon is too fast for any of the random attacks to hit it. With Pulsemon unable to do anything and it taking hit after hit, Ritsu wonders what he can do to help and decides to pull out some meat. Pulsemon becomes excited to eat meat cooked by Ritsu but is disappointed when Ritsu says that isn't the plan. He reminds everyone how Espimon had revealed itself because of the meat before and figures if they cook some it'd reveal itself once again. Though it doesn't become visible again, it's unable to stop itself from drooling over the meat with the drool being visible. Pulsemon digivolves its head to Bulkmon and proceeds to easily defeat Espimon. Having learned what Pulsemon's ability was, Espimon decides that Vademon would have no interest in such information which leads to Ritsu asking if it knows anything about the village's curse. Though it knows nothing about it itself, it suggests they should go to Witchelny to learn about curses. After telling them about what Witchnely is, Pulsemon decides they should go on an adventure there. Patamon tries to get more information about Witchenly from Espimon but it is too busy talking about how it will sell information about the town's meat to listen.

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