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Appears in: Digimon Fusion
First appearance "Back to the Digital World! Hot Time in Dragonland!" [31]
Last appearance "Rotten to the Digi-Core!" [51]
Voice actor(s): (Ja:) Hikaru Midorikawa
(En:) Christopher Smith
Partner(s): Bagra Army
Water Tiger Army
Digivice(s): Darkness Loader
Occupation Dark General of Cyber Land
Aliases Water-tiger General
Suiko Shōgun?)

Splashmon the Water Tiger (水虎のスプラッシュモン Suiko no Supurasshumon?) is a high-ranking member of the Bagra Army and the Dark General of Cyber Land in Digimon Fusion.


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Splashmon is a liquid Digimon who conceals his true form of a monstrous watery tiger within a handsome puppet suit. His body is immune to physical and most energy-based attacks due to his fluid nature and regenerative skills. He is able to produce Splashers, water spirits that can infiltrate bodies for a variety of effects, and can change his own shape to assume the form of other living beings, although he always retains his eyeshadow. Splashmon is fundamentally distrustful of others, and believes that the same is true for everyone. Unlike the other Dark Generals, who each lead their own personal armies, Splashmon's Water Tiger Army is not composed of living Digimon but of Digimon-like puppets operated by his Splashers. He has no concept of camaraderie and is unable to trust anyone, as even his Splashers are merely extensions of himself.


  • Poisonous Force: Fires an army of Splashers that paralyze the enemy force's chain of command and cause the battlefield to fall into chaos.
  • Hydro-Pressure: Shoots water of high pressure and speed from his fingertips.
  • Bubble Head (Bead-drown): Instantly gathers trace elements and converts them to liquid around the opponent's head.


After Lord Bagra obtains the completed Code Crown, he reformats the Digital World into seven satellite kingdoms. Splashmon, overseen by AxeKnightmon, is installed as the Dark General of the fourth kingdom, the futuristic metropolis of Cyber Land. Using his powers, he causes confusion among the population. He tricks the resident Digimon into turning on themselves and slaughtering each other in a storm of negative energy, driving his domain to the state of solitude he desires. Cyber Land is then only one among the seven kingdoms to have its entire populace wiped out and, as a result, causes it to be the greatest provider of negative energy to Lord Bagra out of all seven lands. The only living Digimon left, Splashmon has his Splashers enter puppet bodies to act his forces in the Water Tiger Army.

When the Fusion Fighters arrive in the empty city and defeat his Andromon replicas, Splashmon decides to infiltrate their group with Luca, a human-like puppet controlled by a Blue Splasher. When Dorulumon suspects something off with her, however, Splashmon captures the Digimon and assumes his form to personally infiltrate the army and quickly destroy the group from the inside out. Psych-Out in Cyber Land!

Though it first seems his plan is succeeding in turning the army's members against each other by assuming Nene's form and then Mikey's to sow discord among the United Army, Splashmon soon learns that he was tricked. None of the members trusted him at all, least of all Mikey, who took the opportunity to send Cutemon and Deputymon to act in the shadows while he pretended to fall into traps. Enraged, Splashmon reabsorbs all of his Splashers to assume his Splashmon Darkness Mode 1.

Other forms

Splashmon Darkness Mode 1

6-39 Splashmon Darkness Mode (Humanoid).png

Splashmon Darkness Mode 1 is the form Splashmon assumes after digifusing his Splashers to himself. Splashmon retains his shape but grows both his size and musculature.

Splashmon assumes this form upon realizing his plan to sow discord in the Fusion Fighters United Army failed. Growing in both size and strength, he easy defeats the United Army's Digimon. He then realizes that this form is causing the United Army to fear him and generate negative energy. Splashmon assumes his Darkness Mode 2 to thrust them even deeper into fear and despair. The Water Tiger General's Slippery Trap!


  • Hydro-Pressure: Shoots water of high pressure and speed from his fingertips.

Splashmon Darkness Mode 2

6-39 Splashmon Darkness Mode 2.png

Splashmon Darkness Mode 2 is Splashmon's form after he unzips himself from his humanoid suit.

Splashmon reveals this form to drive the Fusion Fighters United Army into deep fear and despair. His fighting ability grows wilder and even stronger upon assuming this form, and his ability to shift away from damage is not hampered at all. Despite his new strength, however, Mikey realizes water's weakness, and defeats Splashmon by calling upon Shoutmon DX to boil the water in his body away, negating his defensive ability and leaving him vulnerable. The Water Tiger General's Slippery Trap!

At the entrance to the Bagra Pandæmonium, AxeKnightmon eventually revives Splashmon's coreless body with the Revive Circuit to become a component of GrandGeneramon. Meanwhile, his malicious DigiCore inhabits the Digital World's eighth, hidden kingdom: the metaphysical Prison Land where DigiCores can materialize. There, with the other Dark Generals, Splashmon attempts to get his revenge on the trapped Fusion Fighters and Mikey in particular. Prison Land They try their best, but Apollomon and Olegmon side with Mikey. Apollomon sacrifices himself to allow his allies to escape, while Mikey's words leave them demoralized. In the end, Splashmon realizes that, despite the Dark Generals' loyalty to the Bagra Army, AxeKnightmon only treats them as pawns for their power, hence why their DigiCores are in Prison Land as opposed to their bodies. This realization weakens GrandGeneramon in the physical world, allowing Shoutmon X7 and Olegmon to finish it off. With his body's death, Splashmon's DigiCore dissipates alongside the other Dark Generals, hoping to return to death's peace. Rotten to the Digi-Core!


  • Tiger Typhoon: Smashes and drowns all of his opponents by generating a massive flood that consumes everything without leaving any refuge.



Splashmon is able to assume to shape of anyone he wants.



Splashers are cute, multi-colored water-spirits composed and formed within Splashmon's body, and in contrast to their appearance, they each possess an offensive ability of frightening degree according to their color, such as close-combat, abnormal condition, or detonation abilities. As Splashmon does not trust anyone but himself, his army consists solely of his Splashers, which take control of mechanized Whamon, MetalTyrannomon, Sealsdramon, and Andromon. Psych-Out in Cyber Land! Splashmon eventually digifuses all of them with himself to become Darkness Mode 1, and they are killed along with him. The Water Tiger General's Slippery Trap!

They come in seven colors. A Red Splasher will induce anger and aggression towards others, a Pink Splasher will cause a being to become narcissistic, vain, and selfish, a Blue Splasher will animate humanoid puppets like Luca, a Green Splasher will animate Digimon puppets like Andromon, a Violet Splasher will drown a opponent with its body, a Yellow Splasher will paralyze an enemy with an electric current, and a Black Splasher can be used for most of these functions at once.

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Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

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