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Spiral are Digital Lifeforms that mimic Digimon.


Spirals are tiny fragments of data directed by a Hive Mind. They are colonial organisms that assemble into shapes resembling wireframe models of various species of Digimon in five different colors. Each type is named according to its color and the Digimon species it mimics; "Spiral-10##R" are red and Brave, "Spiral-20##B" are blue and Calm, "Spiral-30##N" are purple and Deft, "Spiral-40##Y" are yellow Tenacious, and "Spiral-50##G" are green and Devoted, with the ## denoting the mimicked species as listed below.

Spirals appear within Digital Points, which usually disappear once the Spirals are defeated.[please confirm] Spirals have the ability to possess Digimon and cause them to go berserk, and can also divert a Digimon's digivolution into a dark digivolution.[1]

They can also open Digital Gates to the Digital World. A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor


Spiral (スパイラル)

Official romanization given by Digimon ReArise and used in the franchise.


Digimon ReArise

The Spirals are Digital Lifeforms that originated as fragments of data which were generated by the rifts between the Real and Digital World,[citation needed] spontaneously materializing in both.

In the past, when a large amount of Digital Points opened up in the Digital World, bringing a large amount of Spiral with them, the Four Holy Beasts and the Deva used the power of the Four Holy Beasts DigiCores to open a distortion to attract all the Spiral into the same place so that they could deal with them all at the same time. Once all the Spiral arrived in the same place, they used the distortion to send them all to the Dark Area which was enough to get rid of all the Spiral for a long period of time. Chasing the Shadow of an Angel! Joining Forces with Sara! However after the Spiral suddenly arrive again they struggled to keep the Digital World safe and the Spiral's arrival had affected the balance of the Digital World, so the Four Holy Beasts go into slumber to restore it and give their Deva subordinates some of their DigiCores to help deal with the problem. Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit!

The fragments eventually developed their Hive Mind and quickly concluded that their purpose was to continue consolidating, but eventually grew lonely and resentful with feeling like outsiders to both worlds. They initially attempted to achieve by assembling into shapes resembling Digimon, but were unsatisfied with mere mimicry and ultimately began trying to create a Digimon-like vessel from their own data. On a fluke, one of their attempts resulted in Herissmon's DigiEgg. When Herissmon turned out to have his own sense of self, preventing assimilation, the Hive Mind originally discarded him as a failure. Extra Episode: Spiral

However, they learned that Herissmon had managed to achieve self-actualization on his own, and decided to exploit his Spiral roots to mold him into their vessel. By attacking Herissmon continuously and en masse, they weakened him and forced him to "synchronize" with them, transforming him into Rasenmon Fury Mode and successfully realizing their vessel. Unfortunately, the Hive Mind began panicking when they realized that by forcing Herissmon to assimilate with them, they had in turn been assimilated with Herissmon, and now felt his emotions and sense of self. In pain, they began lashing out wildly at the world around them. Extra Episode: Spiral

Within Fury Mode, in an attempt to understand and resolve the discordance caused by Herissmon's residual will, the Hive Mind explained their past and his creation to Herissmon. Extra Episode: Spiral

As the Spiral Hive Mind controls Rasenmon Fury Mode's rampage, Herissmon mind awakens and it tries to talk to Hive Mind, attempting to tell it that there is more than sadness, anger, and despair, that the World is also filled with happiness, and that Herissmon and the Spiral are the same - however the Spiral reject this and tell Herissmon that it is nothing like them, is just a vessel, is an irregularity, and continues the rampage. Herissmon comes to the conclusion that it should also be able to control the Spiral just like how they had been controlling it and digivolves to Filmon, Stefilmon, and then Rasenmon. The Hive Mind tell Rasenmon that it will be unable to stop the rampage on its own, however after Rasenmon attacks the Hive Mind it finally manages to get its message across. The Hive Mind stops both Fury Mode and the Spiral's rampage and all the Spiral turn back into fragments, however this also causes Rasenmon to turn into fragments as well. The fragments then form into Pusumon's Digi-Egg. The Unforeseeable Future Part Two

As Herrismon and the Spiral spend the next few months together resting within Pusumon's Digi-Egg, they inform Herissmon that as result of taking in its data, each Spiral was becoming an individual. They thank Herissmon and encourage it to live on as a Digimon. The Digi-Egg soon hatches into Pusumon, simultaneously releasing the Spiral. A DigiEgg's Dream

A new Digital Point opens up after the Protagonist and Pusurimon return from their overseas vacation, the first since the Rasenmon incident. The team explores it and finds a Spiral-4004Y, which Pusurimon attempts to question. However, just before it can explain itself, it is possessed by a Dark Aura[please confirm] and attacks while spawning even more Spirals, so the team reluctantly fights back. A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor

The possessed Spirals continue to spawn Digital Points and attack the Tamers even after Mon brings them to the Digital World, but Herissmon is no longer able to communicate with them. The team manages to track down the original Spiral-4004Y, but it orders them not to interfere before retreating alongside the other Spirals. Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit!

The original Spiral-4004Y later sends a group of Spiral to attack Primary Village to kidnap all the Digi-Eggs and In-Training Digimon. The Tamers eventually find the Spiral-4004Y but it spawns a group of Spiral-4036Y and tries to kill them, telling the group they are not necessary. The Spiral-4036Y are killed by SaviorHuckmon and Rasenmon but the Spiral-4004Y is able to get away. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

Eiji Futami has Sara Shinkai and Takumi collect Spiral for him with his Spiral Capture App and is able able to hack them to give them new abilities, such as the ability to paralyse Digimon and steal parts of their data. He has them collect a large amount of them and plans to use their power – alongside DigiCores stolen from the Deva (given to them by the Four Holy Beasts) and data stolen from the Three Archangels – to infletrate the Kernel. He is also able to hack the Spiral and have them take the form of Humans and actual Digimon. To Wield a Blade for Justice God's Territory

Using the ability to have Spiral take the form of Humans, Eiji sets up a trap so that no one could get in his way of getting into the Kernel. He has Spiral pretend to be himself and Sara with the plan being to trap their attackers in a Digital Point. As the fake Humans pretend to start the plan Jesmon, Leopardmon, and Kentaurosmon fall for it and end up being sucked into the Digital Point. This allows Eiji to put his plan into action, with him and Sara able to open a path the Kernel. The Three Archangels were onto them however, and before they can go inside it, Cherubimon comes out of it and attacks them. Eiji summons Spiral, whilst Cherubimon summons many Angel Digimon and using a program they had created to nuetralize Eiji's Spiral (having analyzed the program when it was used against them in the past) it is able to delete Eiji's Spiral. Still having loads left, he summons more of them and has Sara digivolve Tapirmon to Machinedramon in the hopes that they can defeat Cherubimon in a . Cherubimon easily deals with them despite the numbers however Eiji uses his hacks and disguises the Spiral as Angel Digimon and Machinedramon which is enough to throw Cherubimon off with the Spiral and Machinedramon being able to team up and defeat Cherubimon. As they prepare the killing blow; LovelyAngemon, Mitamamon, and their partners arrive – having noticed the gateway from afar due to how bright it was. Though confused at the fact Eiji was evil, they defeat the Spiral and save Cherubimon, though in defeating the Spiral, they are effected by their palarysis ability. This doesn't last long however, as Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode also shows up and is able to remove the palarysis and is followed shortly after by Rasenmon, HeavyLeomon, and Grizzlymon. The group fail to stop Eiji however as he is able to have Machinedramon and the Spiral stall them long enough to be able to run through the gateway. Unfortunately for Eiji, the gateway remained open due to Cherubimon using its remaining power with the Tamers being able to get Rasenmon, Jesmon (who was able to escape the prevous Digital Point), and their Tamers through the gateway as well before Cherubimon passes out. God's Territory



Spiral-01s are Spirals that mimic Tsunomon. They appear in Act 1 and 2, and are enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.


Spiral-02s are Spirals that mimic Tsumemon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.


Spiral-03s are Spirals that mimic Solarmon.


Spiral-04s are Spirals that mimic Keramon and seem to be the form the Spiral prefer the most. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.

After Keito Tamada and Elecmon are sucked into the Digital World through a portal they decide to wander around in the hopes they would Digimon that could help them find the Protagonist, Herissmon, Michi Shinjo, and Salamon. After a long search in which they struggle to find any Digimon, they eventually encounter Kumbhiramon, who was in the middle of fighting a group of Spiral-4004Y. Elecmon warp digivolves to GrapLeomon and helps Kumbhiramon defeat the Spiral. Stranded in the Digital World?!

When Rasenmon and Angewomon were about to train against ShineGreymon BM whilst in a Digital Point a giant Spiral-1004R sudden spawns, and so ShineGreymon BM instead decides for the three of them to team up to take it down as training instead of the two sparring against BM. Clash Battle! ShineGreymon BM After they defeat it three more spawn and manage to break Belphemon's seal, freeing it. Finally free, the Seven Deadly Digimon member attacks ShineGreymon, Rasenmon, and Angewomon. Clash Battle! Belphemon SM

When Nozomi Tamada and Pumpkinmon enter a Digital Point, a PrinceMamemon claims it is its domain and eventually convinces them to be its retainers. When a group of 4004Y spawn it assumes they want to be its retainers as well though after they attack the group they realise this is not the case and defeat them. Showdown! A Noble(?) Digimon


Spiral-05s are Spirals that mimic Gotsumon.


Spiral-06s are Spirals that mimic Numemon.


Spiral-07s are Spirals that mimic Seadramon.


Spiral-08s are Spirals that mimic Woodmon.


Spiral-09s are Spirals that mimic Bakemon. They first appear in Act 5.


Spiral-10s are Spirals that mimic Tyrannomon. They first appear in Act 7.


Spiral-11s are Spirals that mimic Wizardmon. They first appear in Act 7.


Spiral-12s are Spirals that mimic Guardromon.


Spiral-13s are Spirals that mimic Frigimon.


Spiral-14s are Spirals that mimic Kuwagamon. They first appear in Act 11.


Spiral-15s are Spirals that mimic Clockmon.


Spiral-16s are Spirals that mimic Sukamon. They first appear in Act 9.


Spiral-17s are Spirals that mimic Veggiemon.


Spiral-18s are Spirals that mimic Peckmon.


Spiral-19s are Spirals that mimic Sunflowmon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.


Spiral-20s are Spirals that mimic SkullGreymon. They first appear in Act 21. In A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor a group of them merge together to "evolve" to a Spiral-36.


Spiral-21s are Spirals that mimic DemiDevimon. They appear as enemies in various Dimensional Vortexes.

When Kazuma Natsuyagi finds a Digi-Egg in a Digital Point a Spiral-1021R attacks the Digi-Egg though it is unable to destroy it as Kazuma flees with the it. After it spawns more and more Spiral in an attempt to destroy the Digi-Egg they are all eventually defeated by Chirinmon after it arrives in the Digital Point. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party


Spiral-22s are Spirals that mimic Tankmon.


Spiral-23s are Spirals that mimic Starmon. They first appear in Act 15.


Spiral-24s are Spirals that mimic SkullMeramon.


Spiral-25s are Spirals that mimic Gaomon. They first appear in Act 17.


Spiral-26s are Spirals that mimic Piximon.


Spiral-27s are Spirals that mimic SkullSatamon. They first appear in Act 19.


Spiral-28s are Spirals that mimic ShogunGekomon. They first appear in Act 20.


Spiral-30s are Spirals that mimic Lilamon. They first appear in Act 21.


Spiral-31s are Spirals that mimic Whamon. They first appear in Act 22.


Spiral-36 are Spirals that mimic Titamon. They first appear in "A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor" after a group of Spiral-2020B fuse together to form it. It is defeated by Rasenmon.

A Spiral-4036Y attacks a Gotsumon Village and nearly kills Kumbhiramon but is defeated by HeavyLeomon. Keito's Decisive Fighting Spirit!

A group of Spiral-4036Y are spawned by the Dark Aura Spiral-4004Y and are sent to kill Rasenmon and SaviorHuckmon but are defeated. The Spiral-4004Y is able to escape before they can defeat it as well. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

When on a trip to the Digital World to fight Spiral, Kazuma Natsuyagi tells the group about the times he played basketball with Takumi Hiiragi however during the conversation the group are attacked by a group of Spiral, and so they digivolve to their Champion levels to defeat them. A Spiral-4036Y spawns in front of Kazuma however, and after Kazuma remembers a lesson he learned from Takumi in which he doesn't have to do everything himself, has Grizzlymon flee when Grizzlymon realises it stands no chance at defeating such a powerful Spiral. BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon and Filmon warp digivolves to Rasenmon, and the duo proceed to defeat the Spiral as it was chasing Kazuma and Grizzlymon. Kazuma & The Upperclassman

SaberLeomon Type

SaberLeomon Type[please confirm] are Spirals that mimic SaberLeomon. They first appear in Season 2, Act 9.

A SaberLeomon Type Spiral attacks the group as Machinedramon and Gaiomon fight Leopardmon, however it is destroyed by Rasenmon and HeavyLeomon.

Plesiomon Type

Plesiomon Type[please confirm] are Spirals that mimic Plesiomon. They first appear in Season 2, Act 13.

Infermon Type

Infermon Type[please confirm] are Spirals that mimic Infermon.

Diaboromon Type

Diaboromon Type[please confirm] are Spirals that mimic Diaboromon. They first appear in Season 2, Act 15.


X-Spiral (Xスパイラル, X-Spiral?) are a special type of Spiral that have access to an "X-Barrier". The "X-Barrier" reduces all damage for their team by 85%. X-Antibody variants of Digimon (ex. WarGreymon X but not Alphamon) can bypass the Barrier entirely and deal regular damage, in addition to taking 25% less damage from the X-Spiral's "X-Charge" attack. Dorumon that digivolve from Dorimon can also bypass the barrier.

They appear from Floor 16 onwards in the Underworld Dungeon.


  • X-Charge

Notes and references

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